Commit 32c1e741 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau

Remove the controversial DBG macro altogether.

Its place is another library, in the keyword package,
or using (uiop-debug), in the current package.
parent 610a2ae6
......@@ -12,7 +12,7 @@
#+ecl #:use-ecl-byte-compiler-p #+mcl #:probe-posix)
;; magic helper to define debugging functions:
#:uiop-debug #:load-uiop-debug-utility #:*uiop-debug-utility* #:DBG
#:uiop-debug #:load-uiop-debug-utility #:*uiop-debug-utility*
#:with-upgradability ;; (un)defining functions in an upgrade-friendly way
#:undefine-function #:undefine-functions #:defun* #:defgeneric*
#:nest #:if-let ;; basic flow control
......@@ -72,9 +72,8 @@
;; We usually try to do it only for the functions that need it,
;; which happens in asdf/upgrade - however, for ECL, we need this hammer
;; (which causes issues in clisp)
,@(when (or #-clisp supersede #+(or ecl gcl2.7) t)
,@(when (or #-clisp supersede #+ecl t)
`((undefine-function ',name)))
#-gcl ; gcl 2.7.0 notinline functions lose secondary return values :-(
,@(when (and #+ecl (symbolp name)) ; fails for setf functions on ecl
`((declaim (notinline ,name))))
(,',def ,name ,formals ,@rest))))))
......@@ -111,57 +110,7 @@
(let* ((utility-file (or utility-file *uiop-debug-utility*))
(file (ignore-errors (probe-file (eval utility-file)))))
(if file (load file)
(error "Failed to locate debug utility file: ~S" utility-file))))))
(defmacro DBG (tag &rest exprs) ;; NB: universally accessible in the KEYWORD package
"debug macro for print-debugging from UIOP:
TAG is typically a constant string or keyword to identify who is printing,
but can be an arbitrary expression returning a tag to be princ'ed first;
if the expression returns NIL, nothing is printed.
EXPRS are expressions, which when the TAG was not NIL are evaluated in order,
with their source code then their return values being printed each time.
The last expresion is *always* evaluated and its multiple values are returned,
but its source and return values are only printed if TAG was not NIL;
previous expressions are not evaluated at all if TAG returned NIL.
The macro expansion has relatively low overhead in space or time."
(let* ((last-expr (car (last exprs)))
(other-exprs (butlast exprs))
(tag-var (gensym "TAG"))
(thunk-var (gensym "THUNK")))
`(let ((,tag-var ,tag))
(flet ,(when exprs `((,thunk-var () ,last-expr)))
(if ,tag-var
(DBG-helper ,tag-var
(list ,@(loop :for x :in other-exprs :collect
`(cons ',x #'(lambda () ,x))))
',last-expr ,(if exprs `#',thunk-var nil))
,(if exprs `(,thunk-var) '(values)))))))
(defun DBG-helper (tag expressions-thunks last-expression last-thunk)
;; Helper for the above debugging macro
((f (stream fmt &rest args)
(let ((*print-readably* nil)
(*package* (find-package :cl)))
(apply 'format stream fmt args)
(finish-output stream))))
(z (stream)
(f stream "~&"))
(e (fmt arg)
(f *error-output* fmt arg))
(x (expression thunk)
(e "~& ~S => " expression)
(let ((results (multiple-value-list (funcall thunk))))
(e "~{~S~^ ~}~%" results)
(apply 'values results))))
(map () #'z (list *standard-output* *error-output* *trace-output*))
(e "~A~%" tag)
(loop :for (expression . thunk) :in expressions-thunks
:do (x expression thunk))
(if last-thunk
(x last-expression last-thunk)
(error "Failed to locate debug utility file: ~S" utility-file)))))))
;;; Flow control
(with-upgradability ()
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