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Reference to asdf-binary-locations section.

Added a cross-reference from the chapter on using ASDF to the discussion
of ASDF-binary-locations.
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......@@ -279,6 +279,15 @@ beyond compiling, loading and testing.
Reminder: before ASDF can operate on a system, however, it must be able
to find and load that system's definition.
@section Placement of compiled files
By default, ASDF will place the compiled files it creates in the same
directory as the source files. This works for most simple use cases.
However, if you use multiple Common Lisp implementations, or for some
other reason need to place your compiled files elsewhere, you will want
to enable ASDF-BINARY-LOCATIONS. @xref{Controlling where ASDF saves
compiled files}.
@section Summary
To use ASDF:
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