Commit 38b8d960 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Fix positional parameter call to test-scripts.

parent b5a78bcb
......@@ -3,7 +3,9 @@
(defparameter *default-test-scripts* '("*.script"))
(defun get-test-scripts (&optional (test-scripts *test-scripts*))
(if (eq test-scripts :default) (setf test-scripts *default-test-scripts*))
(typecase test-scripts
((eql :default) (setf test-scripts *default-test-scripts*))
(string (setf test-scripts (ensure-list-of-strings test-scripts))))
(with-asdf-dir ("test/")
(loop :for pattern :in test-scripts
......@@ -30,21 +32,20 @@
Use the preferred lisp implementation"
(with-asdf-dir ("test/"))
(let* ((log (newlogfile "test" lisp))
(scripts (get-test-scripts)))
(let* ((log (newlogfile "test" lisp)))
(log! log "Running the following ~D ASDF test scripts on ~(~A~):~%~{ ~A~%~}"
(length scripts) lisp scripts)
(length test-scripts) lisp test-scripts)
"compiling ASDF"
'((load "script-support.lisp") (asdf-test::compile-asdf-script))
:lisp lisp :log log)
:with n-tests = (length scripts)
:with n-tests = (length test-scripts)
:with test-pass = 0
:with test-fail = 0
:with failed-list = ()
:for i :in scripts
:for i :in test-scripts
:for ni = (native-namestring i)
:for test-count :from 0
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