Commit 41c70cc8 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Trivial documentation update:

fix asdf.texinfo (thanks to Peter Van Eynde)
explain *source-registry* (thanks to Rommel Martinez)
parent 917a0700
......@@ -2051,7 +2051,9 @@ applied by the plain `*source-to-target-mappings*`."
(defun default-registry ()
(defvar *source-registry* ())
(defvar *source-registry* ()
"Either NIL (for uninitialized), or a list of one element,
said element itself being a list of directory pathnames where to look for .asd files")
(defun source-registry ()
(car *source-registry*))
......@@ -1298,7 +1298,7 @@ You will find the above referenced tags in this repository.
Discussion of ASDF development is conducted on the mailing list
@node FAQ, TODO list, missing bits in implementation, Getting the latest version, Top
@node FAQ, TODO list, Getting the latest version, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter FAQ
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