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Remove desperately outdated files.

Show a good example: use (require :asdf) instead or (require 'asdf).
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......@@ -3,6 +3,7 @@ push
# Temporary files from documentation build
#|| sh asdf-install.lisp will compile this file to an exe called asdf-install
sbcl <<EOF
(require 'sb-executable)
(compile-file "asdf-install.lisp")
(sb-executable:make-executable "asdf-install" *)
exit 0
;;; Install an ASDF system or anything else that looks convincingly
;;; like one, including updating symlink for all the toplevel .asd files it
;;; contains
;;; If the file $HOME/.asdf-install exists, it is loaded. This can be
;;; used to override the default values of exported special variables
;;; (see the defpackage form for details) - however, most of them are
;;; sensible and/or taken from the environment anyway
a) gpg signature checking would be better if it actually checked against
a list of "trusted to write Lisp" keys, instead of just "trusted to be
who they say they are"
d) in sbcl 0.8.1 we'll have a run-program that knows about $PATH and so
won't need to hardcode gpgpgpgp and tar locations.
e) nice to have: resume half-done downloads instead of starting from scratch
every time. but right now we're dealing in fairly small packages, this is not
an immediate concern
(in-package :cl-user)
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(require 'asdf)
(require 'sb-posix)
(require 'sb-executable)
(require 'sb-bsd-sockets))
(defpackage :asdf-install
(:export #:*proxy* #:*cclan-mirror* #:*sbcl-home*
#:*verify-gpg-signatures* #:*locations*))
(defpackage :asdf-install-customize
(in-package :asdf-install)
(defvar *proxy* (posix-getenv "http_proxy"))
(defvar *cclan-mirror*
(or (posix-getenv "CCLAN_MIRROR")
(defun directorify (name)
;; input name may or may not have a training #\/, but we know we
;; want a directory
(let ((path (pathname name)))
(if (pathname-name path)
(make-pathname :directory `(:relative ,(pathname-name path))
:name "")
(defvar *sbcl-home* (directorify (posix-getenv "SBCL_HOME")))
(defvar *dot-sbcl*
(merge-pathnames (make-pathname :directory '(:relative ".sbcl"))
(defvar *verify-gpg-signatures* t)
(defvar *locations*
`((,(merge-pathnames "site/" *sbcl-home*)
,(merge-pathnames "site-systems/" *sbcl-home*)
"System-wide install")
(,(merge-pathnames "site/" *dot-sbcl*)
,(merge-pathnames "systems/" *dot-sbcl*)
"Personal installation")))
(let* ((*package* (find-package :asdf-install-customize))
(file (probe-file (merge-pathnames
(make-pathname :name ".asdf-install")
(when file (load file)))
(define-condition download-error (error)
((url :initarg :url :reader download-url)
(response :initarg :response :reader download-response))
(:report (lambda (c s)
(format s "Server responded ~A for GET ~A"
(download-response c) (download-url c)))))
(define-condition signature-error (error)
((cause :initarg :cause :reader signature-error-cause))
(:report (lambda (c s)
(format s "Cannot verify package signature: ~A"
(signature-error-cause c)))))
(defun url-host (url)
(assert (string-equal url "http://" :end1 7))
(let* ((port-start (position #\: url :start 7))
(host-end (min (or (position #\/ url :start 7) (length url))
(or port-start (length url)))))
(subseq url 7 host-end)))
(defun url-port (url)
(assert (string-equal url "http://" :end1 7))
(let ((port-start (position #\: url :start 7)))
(if port-start (parse-integer url :start port-start :junk-allowed t) 80)))
(defun url-connection (url)
(let ((s (make-instance 'inet-socket :type :stream :protocol :tcp))
(host (url-host url))
(port (url-port url)))
s (car (host-ent-addresses (get-host-by-name (url-host (or *proxy* url)))))
(url-port (or *proxy* url)))
(let ((stream (socket-make-stream s :input t :output t :buffering :full)))
;; we are exceedingly unportable about proper line-endings here.
;; Anyone wishing to run this under non-SBCL should take especial care
(format stream "GET ~A HTTP/1.0~%Host: ~A~%Cookie: CCLAN-SITE=~A~%~%"
url host *cclan-mirror*)
(force-output stream)
(let* ((l (read-line stream))
(space (position #\Space l)))
(parse-integer l :start (1+ space) :junk-allowed t))
(loop for line = (read-line stream nil nil)
until (or (null line) (eql (elt line 0) (code-char 13)))
(let ((colon (position #\: line)))
(cons (intern (string-upcase (subseq line 0 colon)) :keyword)
(string-trim (list #\Space (code-char 13))
(subseq line (1+ colon))))))
(defun download (package-name-or-url file-name)
(let ((url
(if (= (mismatch package-name-or-url "http://") 7)
(format nil ""
(destructuring-bind (response headers stream)
(block got
(destructuring-bind (response headers stream) (url-connection url)
(unless (member response '(301 302))
(return-from got (list response headers stream)))
(close stream)
(setf url (cdr (assoc :location headers))))))
(if (>= response 400)
(error 'download-error :url url :response response))
(let ((length (parse-integer
(or (cdr (assoc :content-length headers)) "")
:junk-allowed t)))
(format t "Downloading ~A bytes from ~A ..."
(if length length "some unknown number of") url)
(with-open-file (o file-name :direction :output)
(if length
(let ((buf (make-array length
(stream-element-type stream) )))
(read-sequence buf stream)
(write-sequence buf o))
(sb-executable:copy-stream stream o))))
(close stream)
;; seems to have worked. let's try for a detached gpg signature too
(when *verify-gpg-signatures*
(verify-gpg-signature url file-name)))))
(defun verify-gpg-signature (url file-name)
(destructuring-bind (response headers stream)
(url-connection (concatenate 'string url ".asc"))
(declare (ignore headers))
(if (= response 200)
;; sadly, we can't pass the stream directly to run-program,
;; because (at least in sbcl 0.8) that ignores existing buffered
;; data and only reads new fresh data direct from the file
;; descriptor
(let ((data (make-string (parse-integer
(cdr (assoc :content-length headers))
:junk-allowed t))))
(read-sequence data stream)
(let ((ret
(sb-ext:run-program "/usr/bin/gpg"
(list "--verify" "-"
(namestring file-name))
:output t
:input (make-string-input-stream data)
:wait t))))
(unless (zerop ret)
(error 'signature-error
:cause (make-condition
:format-control "GPG returned exit status ~A"
:format-arguments (list ret))))))
(error 'signature-error
'download-error :url (concatenate 'string url ".asc")
:response response)))
(close stream))))
(defun where ()
(format t "Install where?~%")
(loop for (source system name) in *locations*
for i from 1
do (format t "~A) ~A: ~% System in ~A~% Files in ~A ~%"
i name system source))
(format t " --> ") (force-output)
(let ((response (read)))
(when (> response 0)
(elt *locations* (1- response)))))
(defun install (source system packagename)
"Returns a list of asdf system names for installed asdf systems"
(ensure-directories-exist source )
(ensure-directories-exist system )
(let* ((tar
(with-output-to-string (o)
(sb-ext:run-program "/bin/tar"
(list "-C" (namestring source)
"-xzvf" (namestring packagename))
:output o
:wait t)
(error "can't untar"))))
(dummy (princ tar))
(pos-slash (position #\/ tar))
(make-pathname :directory
`(:relative ,(subseq tar 0 pos-slash)))
(loop for asd in (directory
(make-pathname :name :wild :type "asd"))
do (let ((target (merge-pathnames
(make-pathname :name (pathname-name asd)
:type (pathname-type asd))
(when (probe-file target)
(sb-posix:unlink target))
(sb-posix:symlink asd target))
collect (pathname-name asd))))
(defvar *temporary-files*)
(defun temp-file-name (p)
(let* ((pos-slash (position #\/ p :from-end t))
(pos-dot (position #\. p :start (or pos-slash 0))))
:name (subseq p (if pos-slash (1+ pos-slash) 0) pos-dot)
:type "asdf-install-tmp"))))
(defun run (&optional (packages (cdr *posix-argv*)))
(destructuring-bind (source system name) (where)
(labels ((one-iter (packages)
(dolist (asd
(loop for p in packages
unless (probe-file p)
do (let ((tmp (temp-file-name p)))
(pushnew tmp *temporary-files*)
(download p tmp)
(setf p tmp))
do (format t "Installing ~A in ~A,~A~%" p source system)
append (install source system p)))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op asd)
(asdf:missing-dependency (c)
(format t "Downloading package ~A, required by ~A~%"
(asdf::missing-requires c)
(asdf:component-name (asdf::missing-required-by c)))
(one-iter (list
(symbol-name (asdf::missing-requires c)))))))))
(one-iter packages))))
(let ((*temporary-files* nil))
(dolist (l *temporary-files*)
(when (probe-file l) (delete-file l)))))
(error (c)
(princ "Install failed due to error:") (terpri)
(princ c) (terpri)
(quit :unix-status 1)))
\ No newline at end of file
(in-package :cl-user)
(defpackage :cclan (:use #:cl #:asdf)
(:export #:all-components #:write-package))
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(defpackage :cclan-system (:use #:cl #:asdf))
(in-package :cclan-system)
(defsystem cclan
:version "0.1"
:components ((:file "cclan-package")
(:file "cclan" :depends-on ("cclan-package"))))
(in-package :cclan)
;;;; This file contains functions, classes etc that are not part of
;;;; asdf itself, but extend it in various ways useful for maintainers
;;;; of new-style cCLan packages
;;;; The public interface consists of the functions whose symbols are
;;;; exported from the package
;;;; This file does not contain references to asdf internals - or
;;;; shouldn't, anyway. Send bug reports
(defun mapappend (function list)
(let ((f (coerce function 'function)))
(loop for i in list append (funcall f i))))
(defgeneric all-components (component))
(defmethod all-components ((source-file source-file))
(list source-file))
(defmethod all-components ((module module))
(cons module (mapappend #'all-components (module-components module))))
(defmethod all-components ((module symbol))
(all-components (find-system module)))
(defun cvs-tag-name (system)
(let* ((system (find-system system))
(version (component-version system)))
(format nil "release_~A" (substitute #\_ #\. version))))
(defun cvs-tag (system)
(let* ((system (find-system system))
(directory (component-pathname system)))
(run-shell-command "cd ~A && cvs tag -F ~A"
(namestring directory) (cvs-tag-name system))))
(defun write-readme-file (stream suggested-registry system-name)
"Write a README.install file detailing a possible sequence of commands to use the newly-untarred system."
(format stream "~
1. Make a symlink in ~W[*] pointing to the .asd file
2. Start your asdf-enabled lisp
2a. Ensure that ~W[*] is in asdf:*central-registry*
3. At the lisp prompt, type '(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op ~W)'. This
will compile and load the system into your running lisp.
[*] This path (~W) is only a suggestion; the important
thing is that asdf know where to find the .asd file. asdf uses the
contents of the variable ASDF:*CENTRAL-REGISTRY* to find its system
These instructions were automatically generated by cCLan software. Use
at your own peril.~%" suggested-registry suggested-registry system-name suggested-registry))
(defun write-package (system)
(let* ((parent-dir
(format nil "/tmp/~A.~A/"
#+sbcl (sb-unix:unix-getpid)
#-sbcl (random 1000000)
(system (find-system system))
(format nil "~A_~A"
(component-name system) (component-version system)))
(merge-pathnames "CVS/Root" (component-pathname system)))
(old-pwd *default-pathname-defaults*)
(*default-pathname-defaults* parent-dir))
(ensure-directories-exist parent-dir)
(cvs-tag system)
(zerop (asdf:run-shell-command
"cd ~A && cvs -d `cat ~A` checkout -d ~A -r ~A -kv ~A"
(namestring parent-dir)
(namestring cvsroot-file)
(cvs-tag-name system)
(component-name system)))
(with-open-file (o (format nil "~A/INSTALL.asdf" sub-dir-name)
:direction :output)
(write-readme-file o "$HOME/lisp/systems/" (component-name system))
(zerop (asdf:run-shell-command "cd ~A && tar cf ~A~A.tar ~A"
(namestring parent-dir)
(namestring old-pwd) sub-dir-name
(zerop (asdf:run-shell-command
"gzip -f9 ~A~A.tar"
(namestring old-pwd) sub-dir-name))
(format t "Now run~% gpg -b -a ~A~A.tar.gz~%in a shell with a tty"
(namestring old-pwd) sub-dir-name))))
(defun class-name-of (x)
(class-name (class-of x)))
......@@ -33,6 +33,6 @@ use a wild pathname instead." module)))
;; Don't export wild-module or else will get a full warning
;; when (require 'asdf) if asdf is already loaded
;; when (require :asdf) if asdf is already loaded
;;(export '(wild-module))
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