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Added :if-component-dep-fails to the grammar discussion.

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......@@ -795,6 +795,10 @@ For more details on what these methods do, @pxref{Operations} in
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@section The defsystem grammar
@c This discussion does not distinguish the options that are only
@c appropriate for modules (see the discussion in the object model part of
@c the manual). We should fix this. [2010/10/15:rpg]
system-definition := ( defsystem system-designator @var{option}* )
......@@ -808,6 +812,8 @@ option := :components component-list
| :depends-on ( @var{dependency-def}* )
| :serial [ t | nil ]
| :in-order-to ( @var{dependency}+ )
| :if-component-dep-fails component-dep-fail-option
component-list := ( @var{component-def}* )
......@@ -834,8 +840,12 @@ pathname-specifier := pathname | string | symbol
method-form := (operation-name qual lambda-list @&rest body)
qual := method qualifier
component-dep-fail-option := :fail | :try-next | :ignore
@end example
@subsection Component names
Component names (@code{simple-component-name})
......@@ -1031,6 +1041,13 @@ and @code{*load-truename*} is currently unbound
from within an editor without clobbering its source location)
@end itemize
@subsection if-component-dep-fails option
This option is only appropriate for module components (including
systems), not individual source files.
For more information about this option, @pxref{Pre-defined subclasses of component}.
@node Other code in .asd files, , The defsystem grammar, Defining systems with defsystem
@section Other code in .asd files
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