Commit 4674d916 authored by Robert Goldman's avatar Robert Goldman


Patch from Douglas Katzman to properly get optimization settings on
SBCL, using accessor function instead of ASSOC.
parent 55d8be11
......@@ -92,7 +92,7 @@ This can help you produce more deterministic output for FASLs."))
(case x (compilation-speed 'c::cspeed)
(otherwise x)))
#+lispworks (slot-value compiler::*optimization-level* x)
#+sbcl (cdr (assoc x sb-c::*policy*)))
#+sbcl (sb-c::policy-quality sb-c::*policy* x))
:when y :collect (list x y))))
(defun proclaim-optimization-settings ()
"Proclaim the optimization settings in *OPTIMIZATION-SETTINGS*"
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