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rewrite docstring for `record-dependency`

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......@@ -45,7 +45,13 @@
(reverse (plan-actions-r plan)))
(defgeneric record-dependency (plan operation component)
(:documentation "Record an action as a dependency in the current plan"))
(:documentation "Record that, within PLAN, performing OPERATION on COMPONENT depends on all
of the (OPERATION . COMPONENT) actions in the current ASDF session's VISITING-ACTION-LIST.
You can get a single action which dominates the set of dependencies corresponding to this call with
(first (visiting-action-list *asdf-session*))
since VISITING-ACTION-LIST is a stack whose top action depends directly on its second action,
and whose second action depends directly on its third action, and so forth."))
;; No need to record a dependency to build a full graph, just accumulate nodes in order.
(defmethod record-dependency ((plan sequential-plan) (o operation) (c component))
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