Commit 533e943a authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Improve warning message from concatenate-source-op when encodings or around-compile hooks mismatch.

Tweak uiop.asd so it specifies encoding correctly.
parent 49b507fb
......@@ -57,15 +57,18 @@
(when (typep c 'cl-source-file)
(let ((e (component-encoding c)))
(unless (equal e encoding)
(pushnew e other-encodings :test 'equal)))
(let ((a (around-compile-hook c)))
(unless (equal a around-compile)
(pushnew a other-around-compile :test 'equal)))
(let ((a (assoc e other-encodings)))
(if a (push (component-find-path c) (cdr a))
(push (list a (component-find-path c)) other-encodings)))))
(unless (equal around-compile (around-compile-hook c))
(push (component-find-path c) other-around-compile))
(input-files (make-operation 'compile-op) c)) :into inputs
(when other-encodings
(warn "~S uses encoding ~A but has sources that use these encodings: ~A"
operation encoding other-encodings))
(warn "~S uses encoding ~A but has sources that use these encodings:~{ ~A~}"
operation encoding
(mapcar #'(lambda (x) (cons (car x) (list (reverse (cdr x)))))
(when other-around-compile
(warn "~S uses around-compile hook ~A but has sources that use these hooks: ~A"
operation around-compile other-around-compile))
......@@ -23,7 +23,7 @@ that you can't portably construct a complete program without using them.
UIOP is also known as ASDF/DRIVER or ASDF-UTILS,
being transcluded into asdf.lisp together with ASDF/DEFSYSTEM."
#+asdf3 :version #+asdf3 (:read-file-form "version.lisp-expr")
#+asdf-encoding :encoding #+asdf-encoding :utf-8
#+asdf-unicode :encoding #+asdf-unicode :utf-8
#+asdf3 :around-compile #+asdf3 call-without-redefinition-warnings
((:static-file "version.lisp-expr")
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