Commit 5e0b9c2f authored by Gary King's avatar Gary King
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I made a mistake when I applied Richard Kreuter's fix for ASDF's broken

circularity detection a while back: I kept in the old ASDF code and added
Richard's fix. The patch below removes the code that should have been
removed then. With this in, ASDF passes all 14-tests.
parent 40bd6c35
;;; This is asdf: Another System Definition Facility. $Revision: 1.129 $
;;; This is asdf: Another System Definition Facility. $Revision: 1.130 $
;;; Feedback, bug reports, and patches are all welcome: please mail to
;;; <>. But note first that the canonical
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
(in-package #:asdf)
(defvar *asdf-revision* (let* ((v "$Revision: 1.129 $")
(defvar *asdf-revision* (let* ((v "$Revision: 1.130 $")
(colon (or (position #\: v) -1))
(dot (position #\. v)))
(and v colon dot
......@@ -751,8 +751,6 @@ the head of the tree"))
(if (component-visiting-p operation c)
(error 'circular-dependency :components (list c)))
(setf (visiting-component operation c) t)
(loop for (required-op . deps) in (component-depends-on operation c)
do (do-dep required-op deps))
(loop for (required-op . deps) in
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