Commit 5e21bb43 authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Added some more superclasses, as needed for check.

parent a6b4786a
......@@ -56,7 +56,7 @@
(:documentation #+(or ecl mkcl) "compile the system and produce linkable (.a) library for it."
#-(or ecl mkcl) "just compile the system"))
(defclass dll-op (bundle-compile-op no-ld-flags-op)
(defclass dll-op (bundle-compile-op no-ld-flags-op non-propagating-operation)
((bundle-type :initform :dll))
(:documentation "compile the system and produce dynamic (.so/.dll) library for it."))
......@@ -28,7 +28,7 @@
(defclass basic-compile-concatenated-source-op (basic-compile-op selfward-operation) ())
(defclass basic-load-compiled-concatenated-source-op (basic-load-op selfward-operation) ())
(defclass concatenate-source-op (basic-concatenate-source-op) ())
(defclass concatenate-source-op (basic-concatenate-source-op non-propagating-operation) ())
(defclass load-concatenated-source-op (basic-load-concatenated-source-op)
((selfward-operation :initform '(prepare-op concatenate-source-op) :allocation :class)))
(defclass compile-concatenated-source-op (basic-compile-concatenated-source-op)
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