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Test for excessive operations from a bug in module dpened fix.

parent 8d19cb6d
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(asdf:defsystem file3-only
:components ((:file "file3")))
(defpackage :tmed-asd
(:use #:asdf :common-lisp))
(in-package :tmed-asd)
(defsystem :test-module-excessive-depend
:components ((:file "file1")
(:module "quux"
:pathname #p""
:depends-on ("file1")
:components ((:file "file2")))))
(defun find-file2 ()
(find-component (find-quux) "file2"))
(defun find-quux ()
(find-system :test-module-excessive-depend)
(defmethod component-depends-on ((op load-op)
(c (eql (find-file2))))
(cons (cons 'load-op (list "file3-only"))
(defmethod component-depends-on ((op compile-op)
(c (eql (find-file2))))
(cons (cons 'load-op (list "file3-only"))
(defmethod find-component :around ((m (eql (find-quux)))
(c string) &optional version)
"FIND-COMPONENT on a component is a no-op --- it's already found."
(if (string-equal c "file3-only")
(asdf:find-system c)
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(load "script-support")
;;; Here's what we are trying to test. Let us say we have a system X that
;;; contains a file, "file1" and a module, "quux" that depends on file 1. In
;;; turn, "quux" contains "file2" which depends on loading another system, Y
;;; (note that this dependency cannot be recorded using only the defsystem
;;; grammar; we must use an ancillary method definition). If we over-force
;;; actions, then the recompiling of "file1" will force "quux" to be loaded,
;;; forcing "file2" load and in turn forcing the reload and recompilation of Y.
;;; If operations are done properly, a change to file1 will force recompilation
;;; and reloading of "file2," but /not/ of system Y.
(setf asdf:*central-registry* '(*default-pathname-defaults*))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'test-module-excessive-depend)
;; test that it compiled
(defvar file1-date (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file1")))
(defvar file2-date (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file2")))
(defvar file3-date (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file3")))
(unless (and file1-date file2-date file3-date)
(error "Failed to compile one of the three files that should be compiled for this test: ~{~a~}"
(mapcar #'cdr
(remove-if #'car
(pairlis (list file1-date file2-date file3-date)
'("file1" "file2" "file3"))))))
;; and loaded
(assert (eval (intern (symbol-name '#:*file1*) :test-package)))
(assert (eval (intern (symbol-name '#:*file3*) :test-package)))
;; now touch file1 and check that file2 _is_ also recompiled
;; but that file3 is _not_ recompiled.
;; this will only work if the cross-module (intra-system)
;; dependency bug is fixed and the excessive compilation bug is fixed.
(let ((before file2-date))
(asdf::run-shell-command "touch file1.lisp")
(sleep 1)
(let ((plan (asdf::traverse
(make-instance 'asdf:load-op)
(asdf:find-system 'test-module-excessive-depend)))
(file3-only (asdf:find-system 'file3-only)))
;;; (format t "~%Operation plan is:~%")
;;; (pprint plan)
;;; (format t "Target system is: ~a" file3-only)
(when (find file3-only plan :key #'cdr)
(error "Excessive operations on file3-only system. Bad propagation of dependencies.")))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'test-module-depend)
(assert (> (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file2")) before))
(assert (> (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file2")) before))
(unless (= (file-write-date (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file3"))
(error "Excessive compilation of file3.lisp: traverse bug."))
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