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Multiple improvements to the DEFSYSTEM grammar page.

* Added :defsystem-depends-on
* Tried to tease apart system-options, module-options and general options.
* Fixed a couple of typos.
* Added a FIXME.
parent 450ee853
......@@ -795,26 +795,34 @@ For more details on what these methods do, @pxref{Operations} in
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@section The defsystem grammar
@c This discussion does not distinguish the options that are only
@c appropriate for modules (see the discussion in the object model part of
@c the manual). We should fix this. [2010/10/15:rpg]
@c FIXME: @var typesetting not consistently used here. We should either expand
@c its use to everywhere, or we should kill it everywhere.
system-definition := ( defsystem system-designator @var{option}* )
system-definition := ( defsystem system-designator @var{system-option}* )
system-option := :defsystem-depends-on system-list
| module-option
| option
module-option := :components component-list
| :serial [ t | nil ]
| :if-component-dep-fails component-dep-fail-option
option := :components component-list
option :=
| :pathname pathname-specifier
| :default-component-class
| :default-component-class class-name
| :perform method-form
| :explain method-form
| :output-files method-form
| :operation-done-p method-form
| :depends-on ( @var{dependency-def}* )
| :serial [ t | nil ]
| :in-order-to ( @var{dependency}+ )
| :if-component-dep-fails component-dep-fail-option
system-list := ( @var{simple-component-name}* )
component-list := ( @var{component-def}* )
component-def := ( component-type simple-component-name @var{option}* )
......@@ -859,6 +867,14 @@ the current package. So a component type @code{my-component-type}, in
the current package @code{my-system-asd} can be specified as
@code{:my-component-type}, or @code{my-component-type}.
@subsection Defsystem depends on
The @code{:defsystem-depends-on} option to @code{defsystem} allows the
programmer to specify another ASDF-defined system or set of systems that
must be loaded @emph{before} the system definition is processed.
Typically this is used to load an ASDF extension that is used in the
system definition.
@subsection Pathname specifiers
@cindex pathname specifiers
......@@ -1903,6 +1919,7 @@ list of paths, where
@section Search Algorithm
@vindex *default-source-registry-exclusions*
In case that isn't clear, the semantics of the configuration is that
when searching for a system of a given name,
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