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Add explanation for clisp dump-image.

Put in an explanation of the oddball `executable` argument to
clisp (thanks to Faré).
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......@@ -366,6 +366,10 @@ or COMPRESSION on SBCL, and APPLICATION-TYPE on SBCL/Windows."
:quiet t
:start-package *package*
:keep-global-handlers nil
;; Faré explains the odd executable value (slightly paraphrased):
;; 0 is very different from t in clisp and there for a good reason:
;; 0 turns the executable into one that has its own command-line handling, so hackers can't
;; use the underlying -i or -x to turn your would-be restricted binary into an unrestricted evaluator.
:executable (if executable 0 t) ;--- requires clisp 2.48 or later, still catches --clisp-x
(when executable
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