Commit 6ae8d279 authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman

Fix ":iniform" typo.

parent ff4520a3
......@@ -3051,7 +3051,7 @@ and you would
@code{(defmethod source-file-type ((component cl-source-file) (system (eql (find-system 'foo))))
(declare (ignorable component system)) "cl")}.
Now, the pathname for a component is eagerly computed when defining the system,
and instead you will @code{(defclass my-cl-source-file (cl-source-file) ((type :iniform "cl")))}
and instead you will @code{(defclass my-cl-source-file (cl-source-file) ((type :initform "cl")))}
and use @code{:default-component-class my-cl-source-file} as argument to @code{defsystem},
as detailed in a @pxref{FAQ,How do I create a system definition where all the source files have a .cl extension?} below.
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