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Add make ext target. Document the external dependency situation.

While I'm at it, run git submodule update --remote, which updated closer-mop.
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......@@ -5,6 +5,11 @@
# Vendors, you may want to test your implementation with:
# make test l=sbcl
# BUT you first need have installed the development-time external dependencies of ASDF,
# which will be done automatically if you are using quicklisp,
# which you can do manually with your favorite tools (e.g. clbuild or git), or
# which you can do using `git submodule update` which is also available as:
# make ext
# Other targets are for maintainer use only.
......@@ -16,6 +21,10 @@ l ?= sbcl
all: build/asdf.lisp
@: # This dummy action is necessary so the all target does not invoke the fallback action.
# Download all the development-time dependencies of ASDF:
git submodule update
header_lisp := header.lisp
driver_lisp := uiop/package.lisp uiop/common-lisp.lisp uiop/utility.lisp uiop/os.lisp uiop/pathname.lisp uiop/filesystem.lisp uiop/stream.lisp uiop/image.lisp uiop/run-program.lisp uiop/lisp-build.lisp uiop/configuration.lisp uiop/backward-driver.lisp uiop/driver.lisp
defsystem_lisp := upgrade.lisp component.lisp system.lisp cache.lisp find-system.lisp find-component.lisp operation.lisp action.lisp lisp-action.lisp plan.lisp operate.lisp output-translations.lisp source-registry.lisp backward-internals.lisp parse-defsystem.lisp bundle.lisp concatenate-source.lisp backward-interface.lisp package-inferred-system.lisp interface.lisp user.lisp footer.lisp
......@@ -61,11 +70,13 @@ Makefile:
# make bump v=3.2.1
# or
# ./tools/asdf-tools env v=3.2.1 bump
# or
# v=3.2.1 ./tools/asdf-tools bump
%: build/asdf.lisp
./tools/asdf-tools env l='$l' L='$L' u='$u' U='$u' v='$v' s='$s' t='$t' $@
# This is the list of phony targets from this file
.PHONY: all driver-files defsystem-files
.PHONY: all driver-files defsystem-files ext
# The text below was automaticaly generated by `make --silent makefile-targets`
# then manually inserted here to provide for completion:
......@@ -14,6 +14,11 @@ Quick Summary
or, assuming your implementation provides ASDF 3.1 or later::
What is ASDF?
......@@ -60,6 +65,27 @@ If you cloned our git repository, bootstrap a copy of build/asdf.lisp with::
Before you may run tests, you need a few CL libraries.
The simplest way to get them is as follows, but read below::
make ext
The above make target uses `git submodule update` to download
all these libraries using git. If you don't otherwise maintain your
own set of carefully controlled CL libraries, that's what you want to use.
However, if you do maintain your own set of carefully controlled CL libraries
then you will want to use whichever tools you use (e.g. quicklisp, clbuild,
or your own scripts around git) to download these libraries:
alexandria, closer-mop, cl-ppcre, fare-mop, fare-quasiquote, fare-utils,
inferior-shell, lisp-invocation, named-readtables, optima.
If you are a CL developer, you may already have them, or may want
to use your own tools to download a version of them you control.
If you use Quicklisp, you may let Quicklisp download those you don't have.
In these cases, you do NOT want to use
However, if you want to let ASDF download known-working versions
of its dependencies, you can do it with::
To run all the tests on your favorite Lisp implementation $L,
choose your most elaborate installed system $S, and try::
......@@ -146,6 +172,10 @@ build/
results/ -- logs of tests that have been run
fasls/ -- output files while running tests.
external dependencies, that can be populated with `make ext`
or equivalently with `git submodule update`.
this file
......@@ -153,4 +183,4 @@ TODO
plenty of ideas for how to further improve ASDF.
Last updated Wednesday, May 19th, 2014.
Last updated Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014.
closer-closer-mop @ 48f90108
Subproject commit 6bd277086ff95b0880f5f35aa074e1d35c21ab6f
Subproject commit 48f9010870d0499a915349ba2bf3c7c3098ccb7d
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