Commit 6f4ddc81 authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping

Tests: Improve clasp support (still incomplete)

parent c01c86f5
...@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ case "$lisp" in ...@@ -242,8 +242,8 @@ case "$lisp" in
eval="--eval" ;; eval="--eval" ;;
clasp) clasp)
command="${CLASP:-clasp}" command="${CLASP:-clasp}"
flags="" flags="--norc --noinit"
eval="" ;; eval="--eval" ;;
clisp) clisp)
command="${CLISP:-clisp}" command="${CLISP:-clisp}"
flags="-norc --silent -ansi -I " flags="-norc --silent -ansi -I "
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