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(defclass module (component)

 +   (if-component-dep-fails :initform :fail
 +(defgeneric find-component (module name &optional version)
though presently it ignores the extra arg
major dependency rewrite to allow for and/or dependencies and specification
of versions
compile-and-load-op is dead
we reuse old components when processing a defsystem form that we've already
seen once.  this means that eql-specialized methods will continue to work
and also that we can implement the pathname defaulting properly (it doesn't
work yet)
parent 39401b04
......@@ -7,6 +7,7 @@
#:compile-op #:load-op #:test-system-version
#:operation ; operations
#:feature ; sort-of operation
#:output-files #:perform ; operation methods
#:operation-done-p #:explain
......@@ -41,7 +42,13 @@
;; utility stuff
(defmacro aif (test then else) `(let ((it ,test)) (if it ,then ,else)))
(defmacro aif (test then &optional else)
`(let ((it ,test)) (if it ,then ,else)))
(defun pathname-sans-name+type (pathname)
"Returns a new pathname with same HOST, DEVICE, DIRECTORY as PATHNAME,
and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
(make-pathname :name nil :type nil :defaults pathname))
;; problems
......@@ -87,41 +94,20 @@
"Component name, restricted to portable pathname characters")
(version :accessor component-version :initarg :version)
(in-order-to :initform nil :initarg :in-order-to)
;; methods defined using the "inline" style inside a defsystem form:
;; need to store them somewhere so we can delete them when the system
;; is re-evaluated
(inline-methods :accessor component-inline-methods :initform nil)
;; no direct accessor for pathname, we do this as a method to allow
;; it to default in funky ways if not supplied
(relative-pathname :initarg :pathname)))
(defun string-unix-common-casify (string &key (start 0) end)
"Converts a string assumed local to a Unix filesystem into its
:common :case partner."
(unless end
(setf end (length string)))
(let ((result (copy-seq string)))
((every (lambda (x) (or (upper-case-p x) (not (alpha-char-p x)))) (subseq string start end))
(nstring-downcase result :start start :end end))
((every (lambda (x) (or (lower-case-p x) (not (alpha-char-p x)))) (subseq string start end))
(nstring-upcase result :start start :end end))
(t result))))
(defgeneric component-pathname (component)
(:documentation "Extracts the pathname applicable for a particular component."))
(defmethod component-pathname ((component component))
(let ((*default-pathname-defaults* *component-parent-pathname*))
(if (and nil (slot-boundp component 'pathname))
(let ((p (slot-value component 'pathname)))
(cond ((pathnamep p)
(merge-pathnames p))
((and (stringp p) (> (length p) 0))
(merge-pathnames p))
((and (stringp p) (= (length p) 0))
(warn ":pathname argument to ~A is not a pathname designator. Ignoring it" component)
(merge-pathnames (component-relative-pathname component)))))
(merge-pathnames (component-relative-pathname component)))))
(merge-pathnames (component-relative-pathname component))))
(defmethod print-object ((c component) (stream stream))
......@@ -131,6 +117,11 @@
(defclass module (component)
((components :accessor module-components :initarg :components)
;; what to do if we can't satisfy a dependency of one of this module's
;; components. This allows a limited form of conditional processing
(if-component-dep-fails :initform :fail
:accessor module-if-component-dep-fails
:initarg :if-component-dep-fails)
(default-component-class :accessor module-default-component-class
:initform 'cl-source-file :initarg :default-component-class)))
......@@ -139,18 +130,20 @@
(or (slot-value component 'relative-pathname)
(make-pathname :directory `(:relative ,(component-name component))))))
(defgeneric find-component (module name)
(defgeneric find-component (module name &optional version)
(:documentation "Finds the component with name NAME present in the
MODULE module; if MODULE is nil, then the component is assumed to be a
(defmethod find-component ((module module) name)
(defmethod find-component ((module module) name &optional version)
(declare (ignore version))
(if (slot-boundp module 'components)
(find name (module-components module)
:test #'equal :key #'component-name)))
;;; a component with no parent is a system
(defmethod find-component ((module (eql nil)) name)
(defmethod find-component ((module (eql nil)) name &optional version)
(declare (ignore version))
(find-system name))
(defclass source-file (component) ())
......@@ -186,10 +179,10 @@ system."))
(defclass operation ()
((forced-p :initform nil :initarg :force :accessor operation-forced-p )))
(defgeneric perform (operation system))
(defgeneric operation-done-p (operation system))
(defgeneric explain (operation system))
(defgeneric output-files (operation system))
(defgeneric perform (operation component))
(defgeneric operation-done-p (operation component))
(defgeneric explain (operation component))
(defgeneric output-files (operation component))
(defvar *visited-nodes* nil)
(defvar *visiting-nodes* nil)
......@@ -235,6 +228,8 @@ system."))
(let ((raw-form
(cdr (assoc (class-name (class-of o))
(slot-value c 'in-order-to)))))
(loop for (op . components) in raw-form
append (mapcar (lambda (x) (list op x)) components))))
......@@ -248,38 +243,81 @@ system."))
;;; we enforce that function is a symbol to allow us to specialize on
;;; (eql 'perform) and (eql 'explain) for :before and :after
(defmethod traverse ((operation operation) (c component) (function symbol))
;; dependencies
(if (component-visiting-p operation c)
(error 'circular-dependency :components (list c)))
(setf (visiting-component operation c) t)
(loop for (prereq-op prereq-c) in
(component-depends-on operation c)
do (let ((op (if (subtypep (type-of operation) prereq-op)
(make-instance prereq-op :force
(operation-forced-p operation))))
(dep-c (or (find-component *component-parent* prereq-c)
(error 'missing-dependency :required-by c
:requires prereq-c))))
(traverse op dep-c function)))
;; constituent bits
(when (typep c 'module)
(let ((*component-parent-pathname* (component-pathname c))
(*component-parent* c))
(mapc (lambda (c) (traverse operation c function))
(module-components c))))
;; now the thing itself
(unless (component-visited-p operation c)
(if (or (operation-forced-p operation)
(not (operation-done-p operation c)))
(progn (funcall function operation c)
(retry-component ())
(skip-component () (return)))))
(setf (visiting-component operation c) nil)
(visit-component operation c)))
(labels ((do-one-dep (required-op required-c required-v)
(let ((op (if (subtypep (type-of operation) required-op)
(make-instance required-op :force
(operation-forced-p operation))))
(dep-c (or (find-component
*component-parent* required-c required-v)
(error 'missing-dependency :required-by c
:version required-v
:requires required-c))))
(traverse op dep-c function)))
(do-every-dep (op deps)
(dolist (d deps)
(do-dep op d)))
(do-first-dep (op deps)
(block found
(dolist (d deps)
(do-dep op d)
(missing-dependency (c) (return-from found nil)))
(error 'missing-dependency
:version nil :required-by c :requires deps))))
(do-dep (op dep)
(when (eq op 'feature)
(return-from do-dep
(or (member (car dep) *features*)
(error 'missing-dependency :required-by c
:requires (car dep) :version nil))))
((consp dep)
(case (car dep)
(and (do-every-dep op (cdr dep)))
(or (do-first-dep op (cdr dep)))
(destructuring-bind (ignore name version-object)
(do-one-dep op name version-object)))
;; if we had a list with unrecognised car, assume 'and'
(t (do-every-dep op dep))))
(t (do-one-dep op dep nil)))))
;; dependencies
(if (component-visiting-p operation c)
(error 'circular-dependency :components (list c)))
(setf (visiting-component operation c) t)
(loop for (required-op . deps) in (component-depends-on operation c)
do (do-dep required-op deps))
;; constituent bits
(when (typep c 'module)
(let ((*component-parent-pathname* (component-pathname c))
(*component-parent* c)
(at-least-one nil)
(error nil))
(loop for kid in (module-components c)
do (handler-case
(traverse operation kid function)
(missing-dependency (condition)
(if (eq (module-if-component-dep-fails c) :fail)
(error condition))
(setf error condition))
(:no-error (c)
(setf at-least-one t))))
(when (and (eq (module-if-component-dep-fails c) :try-next)
(not at-least-one))
(error error))))
;; now the thing itself
(unless (component-visited-p operation c)
(if (or (operation-forced-p operation)
(not (operation-done-p operation c)))
(progn (funcall function operation c)
(retry-component ())
(skip-component () (return)))))
(setf (visiting-component operation c) nil)
(visit-component operation c))))
(defmethod perform ((operation operation) (c source-file))
......@@ -306,10 +344,13 @@ system."))
(fail-on-warning-p :initarg :fail-on-warning
:accessor operation-fail-on-warning-p :initform nil)))
;;; perform is required to check output-files to find out where to put
;;; its answers, in case it has been overridden for site policy
(defmethod perform ((operation compile-op) (c cl-source-file))
(let ((source-file (component-pathname c)))
(multiple-value-bind (output warnings-p failure-p)
(compile-file source-file)
(compile-file source-file
:output-file (car (output-files operation c)))
(when (and warnings-p (operation-fail-on-warning-p operation))
(error 'compile-warned :component c :operation operation))
(when (and failure-p (operation-fail-on-error-p operation))
......@@ -329,10 +370,6 @@ system."))
(defmethod output-files ((operation load-op) (c component))
;;; compile-and-load-op
(defclass compile-and-load-op (load-op) ())
(defmethod component-depends-on ((operation load-op) (c source-file))
(cons (list 'compile-op (component-name c))
......@@ -394,6 +431,7 @@ system."))
(defun find-system (name)
(let* ((name (if (symbolp name) (symbol-name name) name))
(in-memory (gethash name *defined-systems*))
......@@ -425,19 +463,31 @@ system."))
(setf (gethash (if (symbolp name) (symbol-name name) name) *defined-systems*)
(cons (get-universal-time) system)))
(defun system-registered-p (name)
(gethash (if (symbolp name) (symbol-name name) name) *defined-systems*))
;;; syntax
(defmacro defsystem (name &body options)
(destructuring-bind (&key pathname &allow-other-keys) options
`(register-system (quote ,name)
(parse-component-form nil '(:module ,name
,(or pathname
;; system must be registered before we parse the body, otherwise
;; we recur when trying to find an existing system of the same name
;; to reuse options (e.g. pathname) from
(let ((s (system-registered-p ',name)))
(if s
(setf (car s) (get-universal-time))
(register-system (quote ,name)
(make-instance 'module :name ',name))))
(parse-component-form nil (apply
:module ',name
(or ,pathname
(pathname-sans-name+type *load-truename*)
(defun class-for-type (parent type)
......@@ -472,12 +522,12 @@ Returns the new tree (which probably shares structure with the old one)"
(setf new-tree
(maybe-add-tree new-tree (car op-tree) (car op) c))))))
(eval-when (:compile-toplevel :load-toplevel :execute)
(defparameter *option-names*
;;; ew
#.(defparameter *option-names*
'(components pathname default-component-class
perform explain output-files operation-done-p
depends-on serialize in-order-to)))
depends-on serialize in-order-to))
(defun remove-keys (key-names args)
(loop for ( name val ) on args by #'cddr
......@@ -491,17 +541,18 @@ Returns the new tree (which probably shares structure with the old one)"
&allow-other-keys) options
(declare (ignore serialize))
;; XXX add dependencies for serialized subcomponents
;; XXX reuse existing component instead of creating new one
(let* ((other-args (remove-keys *option-names* rest))
#'make-instance (class-for-type parent type)
(or (find-component parent name)
(make-instance (class-for-type parent type)))))
(apply #'reinitialize-instance
:name name
:pathname pathname
:in-order-to (union-of-dependencies
`((compile-op (load-op ,@depends-on))))
(when (typep ret 'module)
(setf (module-default-component-class ret)
(or default-component-class
......@@ -510,17 +561,22 @@ Returns the new tree (which probably shares structure with the old one)"
(when components
(setf (module-components ret)
(mapcar (lambda (x) (parse-component-form ret x)) components)))
;; XXX need to remove old methods
(loop for (n v) in `((perform ,perform) (explain ,explain)
(output-files ,output-files)
(operation-done-p ,operation-done-p))
do (map 'nil
;; this is inefficient as most of the stored
;; methods will not be for this particular gf n
;; But this is hardly performance-critical
(lambda (m) (remove-method (symbol-function n) m))
(component-inline-methods ret))
when v
do (destructuring-bind (op qual (o c) &body body) v
(eval `(defmethod ,n ,qual ((,o ,op) (,c (eql ,ret)))
(eval `(defmethod ,n ,qual ((,o ,op) (,c (eql ,ret)))
(component-inline-methods ret))))
;;; optional extras
......@@ -541,3 +597,5 @@ output to *trace-output*. Returns the shell's exit code."
(list "-c" command)
:input nil :output *trace-output*))))
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