Commit 7252cc4f authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Update the usage string for Allegro lisp names.

Allegro lisp names for SMP variants in the usage string didn't agree
with the arguments in the script itself.
parent 850a64f2
......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ usage () {
echo " allegro, allegro8, allegromodern, allegromodern8,"
echo " allegro_s, allegro8_s, allegromodern_s, allegromodern8_s (SMP variants)"
echo " allegro_64, allegro8_64, allegromodern_64, allegromodern8_64 (64-bit variants),"
echo " allegro_64_S, allegro8_64_S, allegromodern_64_S, allegromodern8_64_S, (SMP, 64-bit variants)"
echo " allegro_64_s, allegro8_64_s, allegromodern_64_s, allegromodern8_64_s, (SMP, 64-bit variants)"
echo " clisp, cmucl, ecl, gcl, sbcl, scl and xcl."
echo " To configure the script, you may set environment variables to point to the various lisp runtimes."
echo " Allegro CL is a special case: instead of setting environment variables for the specific runtime"
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