Commit 75997049 authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman

Less Baroque solution. Drop the pathnames altogether.

parent ee823569
......@@ -8,10 +8,7 @@
(unless (some #'(lambda (x) (member x *features*))
'(:win :windows :mswindows :win32 :mingw32))
(let ((true-false-dir
(cond ((probe-file "/bin/true") "/bin/")
((probe-file "/usr/bin/true") "/usr/bin/")
(t (error "Unable to find the standard true binary.")))))
(assert (eql 1 (asdf:run-shell-command (concatenate 'string true-false-dir "false"))))
(assert (eql 0 (asdf:run-shell-command (concatenate 'string true-false-dir "true")))))))
(assert (eql 1 (asdf:run-shell-command "false")))
(assert (eql 0 (asdf:run-shell-command "true")))))
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