Commit 75c5bd04 authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping
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Make %normalize-system-command work for ECL

parent 11f15eb7
......@@ -965,17 +965,17 @@ or :error-output."
#+(or allegro clisp)
#+(or allegro clisp ecl)
(strcat (%cmd-shell-pathname) " /c " command)
#-(or allegro clisp) command)
#-(or allegro clisp ecl) command)
(t command)))
(list (escape-shell-command
((os-unix-p) (cons "exec" command))
#+(or allegro clisp sbcl)
#+(or allegro clisp ecl sbcl)
(cons (%cmd-shell-pathname) (cons "/c" command))
#-(or allegro clisp sbcl) command)
#-(or allegro clisp ecl sbcl) command)
(t command))))))
(defun %redirected-system-command (command in out err directory) ;; helper for %USE-SYSTEM
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