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Minor fixes.

Fixed misspelling in index entry.
Added a FIXME for later.
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......@@ -981,10 +981,14 @@ or silently convert lowercase to uppercase (lpns).
@node Other Operations, Moving on, Loading a system, Using ASDF
@section Other Operations
@c FIXME: this isn't a great name for this node -- these are not, in
@c fact, other OPERATIONS. OPERATIONS are objects. These are other
@c "convenience functions," or something like that. [2015/06/29:rpg]
@findex load-system
@findex compile-system
@findex test-system
@findex requrie-system
@findex require-system
ASDF provides three commands for the most common system operations:
@code{load-system}, @code{compile-system}, and @code{test-system}.
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