Commit 8308b237 authored by D Herring's avatar D Herring
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CCL Windows shortcut bugfix

Clozure 1.3 isn't putting win32 into *features*.
parent 187895ab
......@@ -492,13 +492,13 @@ actually-existing directory."
(let* ((file (make-pathname
:defaults defaults :version :newest
:name name :type "asd" :case :local))
#+(or win32 windows)
(shortcut (make-pathname
:defaults defaults :version :newest
:name name :type "asd.lnk" :case :local)))
(when (probe-file file)
(return file))
#+(or win32 windows)
(when (probe-file shortcut)
(let ((target (parse-windows-shortcut shortcut)))
(when target
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