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* Getting the latest version::
* FAQ::
* TODO list::
* missing bits in implementation::
* Inspiration::
* Concept Index::
* Function and Class Index::
......@@ -231,7 +230,7 @@ whether a recent version is loaded, an old version is loaded,
or none at all:
(and (find-package :asdf) #+asdf2 (asdf:asdf-version) #-asdf2 :old)
(or #+asdf2 (asdf:asdf-version) #+asdf :old)
@end lisp
If it returns a version number, that's the version of ASDF installed.
......@@ -239,7 +238,7 @@ If it returns the keyword @code{:OLD},
then you're using an old version of ASDF (from before 1.635).
If it returns @code{NIL} then ASDF is not installed.
If you are running a version older than 1.656,
If you are running a version older than 1.671,
we recommend that you load a newer ASDF using the method below.
......@@ -2550,7 +2549,8 @@ or combinations of the above.
In ASDF 2, a standard mechanism is provided for that,
with sensible defaults, adequate configuration languages,
and a coherent set of configuration files and hooks.
a coherent set of configuration files and hooks,
and support for non-Unix platforms.
@ref{Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files}.
......@@ -2622,7 +2622,7 @@ or take great pains to have the correct version of ASDF installed.
With ASDF 2, we provide a new stable set of working features
that everyone can rely on from now on.
Use @code{#+asdf2} to detect presence of ASDF 2,
@code{(asdf:version-satisfies (asdf:asdf-version) "1.656")}
@code{(asdf:version-satisfies (asdf:asdf-version) "1.671")}
to check the availability of a version no earlier than required.
@subsection ASDF can be upgraded
......@@ -2645,6 +2645,9 @@ from ASDF 2 to later versions from within Lisp,
and not too hard to upgrade from ASDF 1 to ASDF 2 from within Lisp.
We support hot upgrade of ASDF and any breakage is a bug
that we will do our best to fix.
There are still limitations on upgrade, though,
most notably the fact that after you upgrade ASDF,
you must also reload or upgrade all ASDF extensions.
@subsection Decoupled release cycle
......@@ -2893,10 +2896,14 @@ or as a name component plus optional dot-separated type component
(if the component class doesn't specifies a pathname type).
@node TODO list, missing bits in implementation, FAQ, Top
@node TODO list, Inspiration, FAQ, Top
comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter TODO list
Here is an old list of things to do,
in addition to the bugs that are now tracked on launchpad:
* Outstanding spec questions, things to add
** packaging systems
......@@ -2949,9 +2956,7 @@ A ``dry run'' of an operation can be made with the following form:
This uses unexported symbols.
What would be a nice interface for this functionality?
@node missing bits in implementation, Inspiration, TODO list, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter missing bits in implementation
* Missing bits in implementation
** all of the above
......@@ -3029,7 +3034,7 @@ For example, @code{(load "use") depends-on (load "macros")} is a peer,
whereas @code{(load "use") depends-on (compile "use")}
is more of a ``subservient'' relationship.
@node Inspiration, Concept Index, missing bits in implementation, Top
@node Inspiration, Concept Index, TODO list, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
@chapter Inspiration
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