Commit 8ad709bc authored by Daniel Barlow's avatar Daniel Barlow
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(defmethod process-option ((c component) (option (eql :depends-on)) value)

for mk-compatibility
parent d6d83262
......@@ -447,23 +447,6 @@ default constituent type.
(create-instance-for-component c :file i nil)))
(defun add-dependency (component our-op their-op them)
(let ((method
;; tacky, but if you dont have the MOP, what can you do?
(eval `(defmethod depends-on list ((operation ,our-op)
(component (eql ,component)))
(mapcar (lambda (X) (list (quote ,their-op) (
(cons (quote ,their-op) (quote ,them))))))
(pushnew method (slot-value component 'inline-methods))))
(defmethod process-option ((c component) (option (eql :in-order-to)) value)
(loop for rest on value by #'cddr
do (add-dependency c (first rest) (car (second rest))
(cdr (second rest)))))
;;; optional extras
;;; run-shell-command functions for other lisp implementations will be
......@@ -485,6 +468,5 @@ default constituent type.
(defmethod process-option ((c component) (option (eql :source-pathname)) value)
(list :pathname value))
;;; mk not-very-compatibility
(defmethod process-option ((c component) (option (eql :depends-on)) value)
(list :in-order-to `((compile-system (load-system ,@value)))))
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