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......@@ -85,4 +85,72 @@ significant changes in each release, and
the git log for a detailed description of each commit.
Last updated Wednesday, March 13th, 2014.
How do I navigate this source directory?
The system definition for building ASDF with ASDF.
The source code files for asdf/defsystem.
See asdf.asd for the order in which they are loaded.
Utilities of Implementation- and OS- Portability,
the portability layer of ASDF. It has its own README,
and functions all have docstrings.
a minimal Makefile for bootstrapping purposes.
Most of the logic is in the asdf-tools system
asdf-tools, a system to build, test and release ASDF. It includes:
asdf-tools -- a shell script to run it as a shell command.
load-asdf.lisp -- how to load ASDF in a self-contained project
asdf-tools.asd -- system definition for asdf-tools
*.lisp -- the source code for asdf-tools
install-asdf-as-module -- replace and update an implementation's ASDF
The system definition for building ASDF with XCVB.
It hasn't been tested or maintained for years and has bitrotten.
The current version. Bumped up every time the code changes, using
./tools/asdf-builder bump
documentation for ASDF, including:
index.html -- the web page for
asdf.texinfo -- our manual
Makefile -- how to build the manual
cclan.png lisp-logo120x80.png style.css favicon.ico
-- auxiliaries of index.html
regression test scripts (and ancillary files) for developers to check
that they don't unintentionally break any of the functionality of ASDF.
Far from covering all of ASDF.
a few contributed files that show case how to use ASDF.
files for packaging on debian, ubuntu, etc.
where the Makefile and asdf-tools store their output files, including
asdf.lisp -- the current one-file deliverable of ASDF
asdf-XXX.lisp -- for upgrade test purposes, old versions
results/ -- logs of tests that have been run
fasls/ -- output files while running tests.
this file
plenty of ideas for how to further improve ASDF.
Last updated Wednesday, May 19th, 2014.
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