Commit 8fa22cd5 authored by Robert P. Goldman's avatar Robert P. Goldman
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Raise a continuable error when instantiating an unpatched OPERATION.

The behavior of OPERATION has changed: previously it would act roughly like
LOAD-OP, and automatically have dependencies, but now that behavior has been
removed in a clean-up. In order to support programmers, we attempt to detect
programmer-defined OPERATION subclasses and signal an error if we believe they
are unpatched.

The new dependency-handling is implemented in the classes DOWNWARD-OPERATION,

To detect unpatched OPERATION classes, when we are instantiating an OPERATION,
we check to make sure it has one of the above classes as a superclass.  If it
does not, we raise a continuable error.  This is done in an INITIALIZE-INSTANCE
:BEFORE method on OPERATION. We considered trying to detect the definition of
OPERATION subclasses, but because the MOP is not standard, that approach was
rejected as infeasible.

Add NON-PROPAGATING-OPERATION as superclass where needed.

Further checks and some documentation.

Thanks to Fare for advice.

Check that no OPERATION is both propagating and non-propagating.

Thanks to Fare for the suggestion.
parent 32dad5ee
......@@ -9,7 +9,7 @@
#:action #:define-convenience-action-methods
#:explain #:action-description
#:downward-operation #:upward-operation #:sideway-operation #:selfward-operation
#:downward-operation #:upward-operation #:sideway-operation #:selfward-operation #:non-propagating-operation
#:input-files #:output-files #:output-file #:operation-done-p
#:action-status #:action-stamp #:action-done-p
......@@ -208,14 +208,29 @@ dependencies.")))
(defmethod initialize-instance :before ((obj operation) &key)
(loop :for x :in '(downward-operation upward-operation sideway-operation
selfward-operation non-propagating-operation)
selfward-operation non-propagating-operation
;; the following is a special case
:when (typep obj x)
:return t
:finally (return nil))
(error "No dependency propagating scheme specified for operation ~a.~
This is likely because the OPERATION subclass of this object has not been ~
updated for ASDF 3." obj)))
(defmethod initialize-instance :before ((obj non-propagating-operation) &key)
(loop :for x :in '(downward-operation upward-operation sideway-operation
:when (typep obj x)
:return t
:finally (return nil))
(error "Inconsistent class: ~a No class should have both NON-PROPAGATING-OPERATION and a propagating
operation class as superclasses." (class-name (class-of obj)))))
;;; End of OPERATION class checking
;;;; Inputs, Outputs, and invisible dependencies
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@
(defclass no-ld-flags-op (operation) ())
(defclass lib-op (bundle-compile-op no-ld-flags-op)
(defclass lib-op (bundle-compile-op no-ld-flags-op non-propagating-operation)
((bundle-type :initform #+(or ecl mkcl) :lib #-(or ecl mkcl) :no-output-file))
(:documentation #+(or ecl mkcl) "compile the system and produce linkable (.a) library for it."
#-(or ecl mkcl) "just compile the system"))
......@@ -78,10 +78,10 @@
((selfward-operation :initform '(monolithic-fasl-op monolithic-lib-op) :allocation :class))
(:documentation "produce fasl and asd files for combined system and dependencies."))
(defclass monolithic-fasl-op (monolithic-bundle-compile-op basic-fasl-op) ()
(defclass monolithic-fasl-op (monolithic-bundle-compile-op basic-fasl-op non-propagating-operation) ()
(:documentation "Create a single fasl for the system and its dependencies."))
(defclass monolithic-lib-op (monolithic-bundle-compile-op basic-compile-op no-ld-flags-op)
(defclass monolithic-lib-op (monolithic-bundle-compile-op basic-compile-op non-propagating-operation no-ld-flags-op)
((bundle-type :initform #+(or ecl mkcl) :lib #-(or ecl mkcl) :no-output-file))
(:documentation #+(or ecl mkcl) "Create a single linkable library for the system and its dependencies."
#-(or ecl mkcl) "Compile a system and its dependencies."))
......@@ -90,10 +90,13 @@
((bundle-type :initform :dll))
(:documentation "Create a single dynamic (.so/.dll) library for the system and its dependencies."))
(defclass program-op #+(or mkcl ecl) (monolithic-bundle-compile-op)
;; Fare reports that the PROGRAM-OP doesn't need any propagation on MKCL or
;; ECL because the necessary dependency wrangling is done by other, earlier
;; operations. [2014/01/20:rpg]
(defclass program-op #+(or mkcl ecl) (monolithic-bundle-compile-op non-propagating-operation)
#-(or mkcl ecl) (monolithic-bundle-op selfward-operation)
((bundle-type :initform :program)
#-(or mkcl ecl) (selfward-operation :initform #-(or mkcl ecl) 'load-op))
#-(or mkcl ecl) (selfward-operation :initform 'load-op))
(:documentation "create an executable file from the system and its dependencies"))
(defun bundle-pathname-type (bundle-type)
......@@ -36,7 +36,7 @@
(defclass load-compiled-concatenated-source-op (basic-load-compiled-concatenated-source-op)
((selfward-operation :initform '(prepare-op compile-concatenated-source-op) :allocation :class)))
(defclass monolithic-concatenate-source-op (basic-concatenate-source-op monolithic-bundle-op) ())
(defclass monolithic-concatenate-source-op (basic-concatenate-source-op monolithic-bundle-op non-propagating-operation) ())
(defclass monolithic-load-concatenated-source-op (basic-load-concatenated-source-op)
((selfward-operation :initform 'monolithic-concatenate-source-op :allocation :class)))
(defclass monolithic-compile-concatenated-source-op (basic-compile-concatenated-source-op)
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