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web page: announce ASDlite. Revise utf-8 plan for asdf 2.21.

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......@@ -68,7 +68,9 @@
or its polar opposite,
Drew McDermott's
<a href="">YTools</a>
(trying maintain coherence of the current Lisp image at a fine grain).
(trying maintain coherence of the current Lisp image at a fine grain),
or the newcomer
<a href="">ASDlite</a>.
Older systems that are not maintained anymore include
Mark Kantrowitz's <a href="">mk-defsystem</a>
(free software successor of the old proprietary DEFSYSTEM's and predecessor of ASDF),
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and probably more.
However, none of these systems seems to ever have had the traction of ASDF.
<a id="implmementations"></a>
<a id="implementations"></a>
<h3>Supported Implementations</h3>
<p>ASDF 2 now supports all CL implementations
that seem to have any current user base.
......@@ -227,11 +229,16 @@ Peter Graves <>
<dt>In April 2012</dt>
ASDF 2.21 will control the character encoding used by Lisp source files.
The <i>de facto</i> standard, UTF-8,
will be blessed and enforced as the default encoding for all files.
You will be able to specify different encodings
in your defsystem, e.g. <kbd>:encoding :latin1</kbd>,
if you <kbd>:defsystem-depends-on (:asdf-encodings)</kbd>.
While the default will remain to load and compile file
with the <kbd>:default</kbd> external-format,
we encourage all library authors to adopt
the <i>de facto</i> standard, UTF-8,
for all their source files (.lisp and .asd).
Our intent is to bless and enforce this standard encoding
on all these files by default in a not-to-faraway future.
<dt>Since December 2009</dt>
<dd>Fran&ccedil;ois-Ren&eacute; Rideau is de facto maintainer,
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