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Add a note about how to run tests in a REPL.

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......@@ -4670,6 +4670,23 @@ you also define the following method:
@end lisp
@section ASDF development FAQs
@subsection How do run the tests interactively in a REPL?
This not-so-frequently asked question is primarily for ASDF developers,
but those who encounter an unexpected error in some test may be
interested, too.
Here's the procedure for experimenting with tests in a REPL:
(load "script-support.lisp")
(in-package :asdf-test)
(compile-load-asdf) ; there are a number of other functions to load ASDF
;; experiment with test code from a .script file...
@end example
@comment FIXME: Add a FAQ about how to use a new system class...
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