Commit a5a00774 authored by Christophe Rhodes's avatar Christophe Rhodes

Make messages that asdf prints slightly nicer, by using pretty-printer

justification routines.

Sucky thing I: CLISP dislikes calls to FORMAT with pretty-print format
strings.  Bizarrely, though, it accepts calls to FORMATTER with the
same format strings.  So use FORMATTER everywhere to keep clisp happy.

Sucky thing II: CMUCL can't do ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, because it has this
weird ~UNSPECIFIC~ thing in its *DEFAULT-PATHNAME-DEFAULTS*.  So don't
use ENOUGH-NAMESTRING, even though it's crying out for it.
parent f3086234
;;; This is asdf: Another System Definition Facility. $Revision: 1.58 $
;;; This is asdf: Another System Definition Facility. $Revision: 1.59 $
;;; Feedback, bug reports, and patches are all welcome: please mail to
;;; <>. But note first that the canonical
......@@ -87,7 +87,7 @@
(in-package #:asdf)
(defvar *asdf-revision* (let* ((v "$Revision: 1.58 $")
(defvar *asdf-revision* (let* ((v "$Revision: 1.59 $")
(colon (position #\: v))
(dot (position #\. v)))
(and v colon dot
......@@ -146,7 +146,7 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
((component :reader error-component :initarg :component)
(operation :reader error-operation :initarg :operation))
(:report (lambda (c s)
(format s "Erred while invoking ~A on ~A"
(format s (formatter "~@<erred while invoking ~A on ~A~@:>")
(error-operation c) (error-component c)))))
(define-condition compile-error (operation-error) ())
(define-condition compile-failed (compile-error) ())
......@@ -177,8 +177,9 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
;;;; methods: conditions
(defmethod print-object ((c missing-dependency) s)
(format s ", required by ~A" (missing-required-by c)))
(format s (formatter "~@<~A, required by ~A~@:>")
(call-next-method c nil)
(missing-required-by c)))
(defun sysdef-error (format &rest arguments)
(error 'formatted-system-definition-error :format-control format :format-arguments arguments))
......@@ -186,11 +187,13 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
;;;; methods: components
(defmethod print-object ((c missing-component) s)
(format s "Component ~S not found" (missing-requires c))
(when (missing-version c)
(format s " or does not match version ~A" (missing-version c)))
(when (missing-parent c)
(format s " in ~A" (component-name (missing-parent c)))))
(format s (formatter "~@<component ~S not found~
~@[ or does not match version ~A~]~
~@[ in ~A~]~@:>")
(missing-requires c)
(missing-version c)
(when (missing-parent c)
(component-name (missing-parent c)))))
(defgeneric component-system (component)
(:documentation "Find the top-level system containing COMPONENT"))
......@@ -302,7 +305,8 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
(component (component-name name))
(symbol (string-downcase (symbol-name name)))
(string name)
(t (sysdef-error "Invalid component designator ~A" name))))
(t (sysdef-error (formatter "~@<invalid component designator ~A~@:>")
(defun system-definition-pathname (system)
(some (lambda (x) (funcall x system))
......@@ -341,8 +345,12 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
(< (car in-memory) (file-write-date on-disk))))
(let ((*package* (make-package (gensym (package-name #.*package*))
:use '(:cl :asdf))))
(format t ";;; Loading system definition from ~A into ~A~%"
on-disk *package*)
(format t
(formatter "~&~@<; ~@;loading system definition from ~A into ~A~@:>~%")
;; FIXME: This wants to be (ENOUGH-NAMESTRING
;; ON-DISK), but CMUCL barfs on that.
(load on-disk)))
(let ((in-memory (gethash name *defined-systems*)))
(if in-memory
......@@ -351,7 +359,7 @@ and NIL NAME and TYPE components"
(if error-p (error 'missing-component :requires name))))))
(defun register-system (name system)
(format t "Registering ~A as ~A ~%" system name)
(format t (formatter "~&~@<; ~@;registering ~A as ~A~@:>~%") system name)
(setf (gethash (coerce-name name) *defined-systems*)
(cons (get-universal-time) system)))
......@@ -487,6 +495,8 @@ system."))
(cdr (assoc (class-name (class-of o))
(slot-value c 'in-order-to))))
(defgeneric component-self-dependencies (operation component))
(defmethod component-self-dependencies ((o operation) (c component))
(let ((all-deps (component-depends-on o c)))
(remove-if-not (lambda (x)
......@@ -615,7 +625,8 @@ system."))
(defmethod perform ((operation operation) (c source-file))
"Required method PERFORM not implemented for operation ~A, component ~A"
(formatter "~@<required method PERFORM not implemented~
for operation ~A, component ~A~@:>")
(class-of operation) (class-of c)))
(defmethod perform ((operation operation) (c module))
......@@ -771,7 +782,8 @@ system."))
(and (eq type :file)
(or (module-default-component-class parent)
(find-class 'cl-source-file)))
(sysdef-error "Don't recognize component type ~A" type))))
(sysdef-error (formatter "~@<don't recognize component type ~A~@:>")
(defun maybe-add-tree (tree op1 op2 c)
"Add the node C at /OP1/OP2 in TREE, unless it's there already.
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