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Also tweak the FAQ about upgrading to ASDF2 the newly identified incompatibility
in the way that one configures files to have a non-standard pathname type.
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......@@ -1454,15 +1454,6 @@ does additional processing to set the filesystem location of
the top component in that system.
This is detailed elsewhere. @xref{Defining systems with defsystem}.
The answer to the frequently asked question
``how do I create a system definition
where all the source files have a @file{.cl} extension''
is thus
(defmethod source-file-type ((c cl-source-file) (s (eql (find-system 'my-sys))))
@end lisp
@subsubsection properties
......@@ -2569,7 +2560,7 @@ mailing list
ASDF bugs are tracked on launchpad: @url{}.
If you're unsure about whether something is a bug, of for general discussion,
If you're unsure about whether something is a bug, or for general discussion,
use the @url{,asdf-devel mailing list}
......@@ -2791,7 +2782,7 @@ the practical consequence of which will mean faster convergence
towards the latest version for everyone.
@subsection Pitfalls of ASDF 2
@subsection Pitfalls of the transition to ASDF 2
The main pitfalls in upgrading to ASDF 2 seem to be related
to the output translation mechanism.
......@@ -2818,6 +2809,12 @@ See @code{asdf:enable-asdf-binary-locations-compatibility} in
@pxref{Controlling where ASDF saves compiled files,,Backward Compatibility}.
But thou shall not load ABL on top of ASDF 2.
@end itemize
Other issues include the following:
ASDF pathname designators are now specified in places where they were unspecified,
and a few small adjustments have to be made to some non-portable defsystems.
......@@ -2828,12 +2825,6 @@ where the namestring might have previously sufficed;
moreover when evaluation is desired @code{#.} must be used,
where it wasn't necessary in the toplevel @code{:pathname} argument.
@end itemize
Other issues include the following:
There is a slight performance bug, notably on SBCL,
when initially searching for @file{asd} files,
......@@ -2852,8 +2843,24 @@ when recursing through directories.
On Windows, only LispWorks supports proper default configuration pathnames
based on the Windows registry.
Other implementations make do.
Windows support is largely untested, so please help report and fix bugs.
Other implementations make do with environment variables.
Windows support is somewhat less tested than Unix support.
Please help report and fix bugs.
The mechanism by which one customizes a system so that Lisp files
may use a different extension from the default @file{.lisp} has changed.
Previously, the pathname for a component was lazily computed when operating on a system,
and you would
@code{(defmethod source-file-type ((component cl-source-file) (system (eql (find-system 'foo))))
(declare (ignorable component system)) "cl")}.
Now, the pathname for a component is eagerly computed when defining the system,
and instead you will @code{(defclass my-cl-source-file (cl-source-file) ((type :iniform "cl")))}
and use @code{:default-component-class my-cl-source-file} as argument to @code{defsystem},
as detailed in a @pxref{FAQ,How do I create a system definition where all the source files have a .cl extension?} below.
@findex source-file-type
@end itemize
......@@ -3122,6 +3129,30 @@ either as the name component of a pathname
or as a name component plus optional dot-separated type component
(if the component class doesn't specifies a pathname type).
@subsection How do I create a system definition where all the source files have a .cl extension?
First, create a new @code{cl-source-file} subclass that provides an
initform for the @code{type} slot:
(defclass my-cl-source-file (cl-source-file)
((type :initform "cl")))
@end lisp
Then make your system use this subclass in preference to the standard
(defsystem my-cl-system
:default-component-class my-cl-source-file
@end lisp
We assume that these definitions are loaded into a package that uses
@node TODO list, Inspiration, FAQ, Top
@comment node-name, next, previous, up
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