Commit aa0ffd58 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Make stamp propagation test more robust, thanks to Dave Cooper.

parent 1e53a625
......@@ -114,10 +114,23 @@
(defun touch-file1.lisp ()
(touch (asdf::subpathname *tsp* "file1.lisp")))
(defun faslpath (lisppath &optional (defsystem *default-defsystem*))
(if (and (eq defsystem :asdf) (fboundp 'asdf::compile-file-pathname*))
(defun clear-fasls (&optional (defsystem *default-defsystem*))
(loop :for file :in '("file1.lisp" "file2.lisp")
:for lisppath = (asdf::subpathname *tsp* file)
:for faslpath = (faslpath lisppath defsystem)
:do (if (and (eq defsystem :asdf) asdf::*asdf-cache*)
(mark-file-deleted faslpath)
(delete-file-if-exists faslpath))))
(defun touch-file1.fasl (&optional (defsystem *default-defsystem*))
(touch (funcall
(case defsystem (:asdf 'asdf::compile-file-pathname*) (t 'compile-file-pathname))
(asdf::subpathname *tsp* "file1.lisp"))))
(touch (faslpath (asdf::subpathname *tsp* "file1.lisp") defsystem)))
(defun sanitize-log (log)
......@@ -126,6 +139,8 @@
(defun test-defsystem (&optional (defsystem *default-defsystem*))
(format t "~&Testing stamp propagation by defsystem ~S~%" defsystem)
(DBG "removing any old fasls")
(clear-fasls defsystem)
(DBG "loading system")
(reload defsystem)
(sleep 2) ;; TODO: on ASDF at least, instead touch the file stamp with the cache.
......@@ -141,7 +156,10 @@
(touch-file1.fasl defsystem)
(assert-equal (sanitize-log (reload defsystem))
'((:compiling :system) (:load-toplevel :file1)
(:compile-toplevel :file2) (:load-toplevel :file2))))
(:compile-toplevel :file2) (:load-toplevel :file2)))
(DBG "cleaning up")
(clear-fasls defsystem))
#-(or abcl xcl) ;; TODO: figure out why ABCL and XCL fail to recompile anything.
(test-defsystem :asdf)
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