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Merge branch 'make-rel' into 'master'

Fix release symlinks to make Quicklisp happy

I investigated why Quicklisp still hadn't picked up release 3.1.7 or uiop.
It looks like the Makefile was creating symlinks in the wrong directory.

See merge request !39
parents 291be1ff 1888f45d
......@@ -136,8 +136,8 @@ archive: build/asdf.lisp
rsync --times --chmod=a+rX,ug+w "build/uiop-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz" \
"build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
ssh "cd /project/asdf/public_html; ln -sf archives/uiop-${version}.tar.gz uiop.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz asdf-defsystem.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.tar.gz asdf.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.lisp asdf.lisp"
"build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
ssh "cd /project/asdf/public_html/archives/; ln -sf uiop-${version}.tar.gz uiop.tar.gz; ln -sf asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz asdf-defsystem.tar.gz; ln -sf asdf-${version}.tar.gz asdf.tar.gz; ln -sf asdf-${version}.lisp asdf.lisp"
### Count lines separately for asdf-driver and asdf itself:
......@@ -381,10 +381,10 @@ Corman Common Lisp <>
<li>download just the latest <em>release</em> source for
<a href="">asdf.lisp</a>;
<a href="">asdf.lisp</a>;
<li>download the latest <em>release</em>
<a href="">tarball</a>
<a href="">tarball</a>
to get all bells and whistles;
<li>pull the latest <em>development</em> tree from our git repository
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