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......@@ -3595,6 +3595,22 @@ with respect to its own code, and what it does is ridiculously complex;
look at the beginning of @file{asdf.lisp} to see what it does.
@end defun
@defun register-preloaded-system name @Arest keys
A system with name @var{name},
created by @code{make-instance} with extra keys @var{keys}
(e.g. @code{:version}),
is registered as @emph{preloaded}.
That is, its code has already been loaded into the current image,
and if at some point some other system @code{:depends-on} it yet no source code is found,
it is considered as already provided,
and ASDF will not raise a @code{missing-component} error.
This function is particularly useful if you distribute your code
as fasls with either @code{fasl-op} or @code{monolithic-fasl-op},
and want to register systems so that dependencies will work uniformly
whether you're using your software from source or from fasl.
@end defun
@defun run-shell-command control-string @Arest args
This function is obsolete and present only for the sake of backwards-compatibility:
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