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Use SBCL by default for asdf-tools on Unix

CCL, our previous default, was making `make -f Makefile-lisp-scripting load`
unhappy, since CCL's background thread is eating rlwrap's input. Using
single-threaded-ccl stops the input race condition, but CCL still puts the
tty in raw mode which confused rlwrap and this requires adding a dependency.

Still use CCL by default on Windows, since SBCL can't invoke CMD directly.
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#| -*- Lisp -*-
case "$LISP" in
# CCL is our default because it is the single free software implementation that has
# decent portable support on all of Windows, Linux (x64, x86, ARM), MacOS X
""|ccl) exec ${CCL:-ccl} --no-init --load "$0" -- "$@" ;;
# SBCL is our default on Unix, because while CCL has better support on Windows and MacOS,
# SBCL still runs decently on MacOS and CCL has a background thread that eats input
# (and still puts the tty in raw mode if using single-threaded-ccl) which defeats
# the purpose of `make load`. See:
allegro) ${ALLEGRO:-alisp} -qq -e "(setf *load-verbose* nil)" -L "$0" -- "$@" ;;
sbcl) exec ${SBCL:-sbcl} --noinform --no-userinit --no-sysinit --script "$0" "$@" ;;
ccl) exec ${CCL:-ccl} --no-init --load "$0" -- "$@" ;;
""|sbcl) exec ${SBCL:-sbcl} --noinform --no-userinit --no-sysinit --script "$0" "$@" ;;
# Let cl-launch choose its preferred Lisp
cl-launch) cl-launch -Q -sp asdf-tools -r entry-point -- "$@" ;;
@echo off
::: By default. We use CCL.
::: By default. We use CCL, because SBCL doesn't have a good enough run-program on Windows.
if "%LISP%" == "" goto ccl
if "%LISP%" == "allegro" goto allegro
if "%LISP%" == "ccl" goto ccl
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