Commit b011e629 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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2.106: better ABCL implementation directory name, website fix (k, Xach)

parent d2971032
......@@ -70,7 +70,7 @@
(eval-when (:load-toplevel :compile-toplevel :execute)
(let* ((asdf-version ;; the 1+ helps the version bumping script discriminate
(subseq "VERSION:2.105" (1+ (length "VERSION"))))
(subseq "VERSION:2.106" (1+ (length "VERSION"))))
(existing-asdf (find-package :asdf))
(vername '#:*asdf-version*)
(versym (and existing-asdf
......@@ -2392,7 +2392,9 @@ located."
(defparameter *architecture-features*
'((:x86-64 :amd64 :x86_64 :x8664-target)
(:x86 :i686 :i586 :pentium3 :i486 :i386 :pc386 :iapx386 :x8632-target :pentium4)
:hppa64 :hppa :ppc64 (:ppc32 :ppc :powerpc) :sparc64 :sparc))
:hppa64 :hppa :ppc64 (:ppc32 :ppc :powerpc) :sparc64 :sparc
:java-1.4 :java-1.5 :java-1.6 :java-1.7))
(defun lisp-version-string ()
(let ((s (lisp-implementation-version)))
......@@ -2409,6 +2411,7 @@ located."
(:-ics "8")
(:+ics ""))
(if (member :64bit *features*) "-64bit" ""))
#+armedbear (format nil "~a-fasl~a" s system::*fasl-version*)
#+clisp (subseq s 0 (position #\space s))
#+clozure (format nil "~d.~d-fasl~d"
......@@ -2423,8 +2426,8 @@ located."
#+gcl (subseq s (1+ (position #\space s)))
#+lispworks (format nil "~A~@[~A~]" s
(when (member :lispworks-64bit *features*) "-64bit"))
;; #+sbcl (format nil "~a-fasl~d" s sb-fasl:+fasl-file-version+) ; fasl-f-v is redundant
#+(or armedbear cormanlisp mcl sbcl scl) s
;; #+sbcl (format nil "~a-fasl~d" s sb-fasl:+fasl-file-version+) ; f-f-v redundant w/ version
#+(or cormanlisp mcl sbcl scl) s
#-(or allegro armedbear clisp clozure cmu cormanlisp digitool
ecl gcl lispworks mcl sbcl scl) s))
......@@ -53,7 +53,7 @@
<li><a href=";a=blob;f=asdf.texinfo">as texinfo source</a></li>
<a href="downloads"></a>
<a id="downloads"></a>
<h3>Getting it</h3>
<p>Though they may lag behind the version here, ASDF comes bundled with most Lisps.
To get the greatest and latest, you can:
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