Commit b263ded6 authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping
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Bug fix: Avoid ext:system on ECL >16.0.0

ext:system is a wrapper around ext:run-program that forces :output
nil, which is not something we want.
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parent 75c5bd04
......@@ -1017,9 +1017,13 @@ or :error-output."
(%handle-if-does-not-exist input if-input-does-not-exist)
(%handle-if-exists output if-output-exists)
(%handle-if-exists error-output if-error-output-exists)
#+(or allegro clozure cmucl (and lispworks os-unix) sbcl scl)
(apply 'launch-program (%normalize-system-command command) keys))
#+(or allegro clozure cmucl ecl (and lispworks os-unix) sbcl scl)
(let (#+ecl (version (parse-version (lisp-implementation-version))))
#+ecl (unless (lexicographic<= '< version '(16 0 0)))
(return-from %system
(apply 'launch-program (%normalize-system-command command) keys)))))
#+(or abcl clasp clisp cormanlisp ecl gcl genera (and lispworks os-windows) mkcl xcl)
(let ((%command (%redirected-system-command command input output error-output directory)))
#+(and lispworks os-windows)
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