Commit b7651034 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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plan: implement phase level escalation

Track at which level of nested calls to OPERATE a not-done action is needed;
if it is needed at a higher level than previously traversed, then traverse again
to schedule it (and its transitive dependencies) to be done in the higher level.
This fixes cases, such as in (test-system "cl-protobufs-tests"), where a library
was already marked as needed at a low level of OPERATE, but if actually needed
at higher level due to a defsystem-depends-on, and was previously not loaded
early enough (after this plan refactoring).
parent eed95a70
......@@ -82,7 +82,11 @@ But do NOT depend on it, for this is deprecated behavior."))
(let* ((*verbose-out* (and verbose *standard-output*))
(*compile-file-warnings-behaviour* on-warnings)
(*compile-file-failure-behaviour* on-failure)))
(incf (operate-level))
(decf (operate-level)))))
(defmethod operate :before ((operation operation) (component component)
&key version)
......@@ -60,11 +60,14 @@
(defclass action-status ()
:type fixnum :initarg :bits :reader status-bits
:documentation "a fixnum, bitmap describing the status of the action.")
:documentation "bitmap describing the status of the action.")
:type (or integer boolean) :initarg :stamp :reader status-stamp
:documentation "STAMP associated with the ACTION if it has been completed already
in some previous image, or T if it needs to be done.")
:documentation "STAMP associated with the ACTION if it has been completed already in some
previous sessino or image, T if it was done and builtin the image, or NIL if it needs to be done.")
:type fixnum :initarg :level :initform 0 :reader status-level
:documentation "the highest (operate-level) at which the action was needed")
:type (or integer null) :initarg :index :initform nil :reader status-index
:documentation "INDEX associated with the ACTION in the current session,
......@@ -86,8 +89,12 @@ or NIL if no the status is considered outside of a specific plan."))
;; action is up-to-date with ACTION-UP-TO-DATE-P.
;; When traversing an action, the +need-bit+ is set,
;; unless the action is up-to-date and not needed-in-image (HERE, SKIP).
;; unless the action is u p-to-date and not needed-in-image (HERE, SKIP).
;; When PERFORMing an action, the +done-bit+ is set.
;; When the +need-bit+ is set but not the +done-bit+, the level slot indicates which level of
;; OPERATE it was last marked needed for; if it happens to be needed at a higher-level, then
;; its urgency (and that of its transitive dependencies) must be escalated so that it will be
;; done before the end of this level of operate.
;; Also, when no ACTION-STATUS is associated to an action yet, NIL serves as a bottom value.
......@@ -106,19 +113,20 @@ or NIL if no the status is considered outside of a specific plan."))
(make-instance 'action-status :bits +void-bits+ :stamp nil)))
(with-upgradability ()
(defun make-action-status (&key bits stamp index)
(defun make-action-status (&key bits stamp (level 0) index)
(check-type bits (integer 0 7))
(check-type stamp (or integer boolean))
(check-type level (integer 0 #.most-positive-fixnum))
(check-type index (or integer null))
(assert (eq (null stamp) (zerop (logand bits #.(logior +keep-bit+ +done-bit+)))) ()
"Bad action-status :bits ~S :stamp ~S" bits stamp)
(block nil
(when (null index)
(when (and (null index) (zerop level))
(case bits
(#.+void-bits+ (return +status-void+))
(#.+todo-bits+ (return +status-todo+))
(#.+good-bits+ (when (eq stamp t) (return +status-good+)))))
(make-instance 'action-status :bits bits :stamp stamp :index index)))
(make-instance 'action-status :bits bits :stamp stamp :level level :index index)))
(defun status-keep-p (status)
(plusp (logand (status-bits status) #.+keep-bit+)))
......@@ -132,21 +140,21 @@ or NIL if no the status is considered outside of a specific plan."))
:bits (logand (status-bits status1) (status-bits status2))
:stamp (latest-stamp (status-stamp status1) (status-stamp status2))
:level (max (status-level status1) (status-level status2))
:index (or (status-index status1) (status-index status2))))
(defun mark-status-needed (status)
"Return the same status but with the need bit set"
(if (status-need-p status)
:bits (logior (status-bits status) +need-bit+)
:stamp (status-stamp status)
:index (status-index status))))
(defun mark-status-needed (status &optional (level (operate-level)))
"Return the same status but with the need bit set, for the given level"
:bits +need-bit+
:level level)))
(defmethod print-object ((status action-status) stream)
(print-unreadable-object (status stream :type t)
(with-slots (bits stamp) status
(format stream "~{~S~^ ~}" `(:bits ,bits :stamp ,stamp)))))
(with-slots (bits stamp level index) status
(format stream "~{~S~^ ~}" `(:bits ,bits :stamp ,stamp :level ,level :index ,index)))))
(defgeneric action-status (plan operation component)
(:documentation "Returns the ACTION-STATUS associated to the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT
......@@ -159,7 +167,7 @@ the action of OPERATION on COMPONENT in the PLAN"))
(defmethod action-status ((plan null) (o operation) (c component))
(multiple-value-bind (stamp done-p) (component-operation-time o c)
(if done-p
(make-action-status :bits +good-bits+ :stamp stamp)
(make-action-status :bits #.+keep-bit+ :stamp stamp)
(defmethod (setf action-status) (new-status (plan null) (o operation) (c component))
......@@ -346,6 +354,7 @@ initialized with SEED."
(if done-p #.+done-bit+ 0)
(if need-p #.+need-bit+ 0))
:stamp stamp
:level (operate-level)
:index (incf (total-action-count *asdf-session*)))))
;; TRAVERSE-ACTION, in the context of a given PLAN object that accumulates dependency data,
......@@ -377,9 +386,11 @@ initialized with SEED."
;; effective niip: meaningful for the action and required by the plan as traversed
(eniip (and aniip needed-in-image-p))
;; status: have we traversed that action previously, and if so what was its status?
(status (action-status plan operation component)))
(status (action-status plan operation component))
(level (operate-level)))
(when (and status
(or (status-need-p status) ;; already visited
(or (status-done-p status) ;; all done
(and (status-need-p status) (<= level (status-level status))) ;; already visited
(and (status-keep-p status) (not eniip)))) ;; up-to-date and not eniip
(return)) ; Already visited with sufficient need-in-image level!
(labels ((visit-action (niip) ; We may visit the action twice, once with niip NIL, then T
......@@ -387,7 +398,7 @@ initialized with SEED."
operation component #'(lambda (o c) (traverse-action plan o c niip)))
;; AFTER dependencies have been traversed, compute action stamp
(let* ((status (if status
(mark-status-needed status)
(mark-status-needed status level)
(compute-action-status plan operation component t)))
(out-of-date-p (not (status-keep-p status)))
(to-perform-p (or out-of-date-p (and niip (not (status-done-p status))))))
......@@ -544,10 +555,11 @@ return a list of the components involved in building the desired action."
(defmethod mark-as-done ((plan plan) (o operation) (c component))
(let ((plan-status (action-status plan o c))
(perform-status (action-status nil o c)))
(assert (and (status-stamp perform-status) (status-done-p perform-status)) ()
(assert (and (status-stamp perform-status) (status-keep-p perform-status)) ()
"Just performed ~A but failed to mark it done" (action-description o c))
(setf (action-status plan o c)
:bits (logior (status-bits perform-status) +done-bit+)
:bits (logior (status-bits plan-status) +done-bit+)
:stamp (status-stamp perform-status)
:level (status-level plan-status)
:index (status-index plan-status))))))
......@@ -15,6 +15,7 @@
#:visited-actions #:visiting-action-set #:visiting-action-list
#:total-action-count #:planned-action-count #:planned-output-action-count
#:clear-configuration-and-retry #:retry
;; conditions
#:system-definition-error ;; top level, moved here because this is the earliest place for it.
#:formatted-system-definition-error #:format-control #:format-arguments #:sysdef-error))
......@@ -43,6 +44,11 @@
:initform (make-hash-table :test 'equal) :initarg :session-cache :reader session-cache
:documentation "Memoize expensive computations")
:initform 0 :initarg :operate-level :accessor session-operate-level
:documentation "Number of nested calls to operate we're under (for toplevel session only)")
;; shouldn't the below be superseded by the session-wide caching of action-status
;; for (load-op "asdf") ?
:initform nil :initarg :asdf-upgraded-p :accessor asdf-upgraded-p
:documentation "Was ASDF already upgraded in this session - only valid for toplevel-asdf-session.")
......@@ -66,6 +72,12 @@
(defun toplevel-asdf-session ()
(when *asdf-session* (or (session-ancestor *asdf-session*) *asdf-session*)))
(defun operate-level ()
(session-operate-level (toplevel-asdf-session)))
(defun (setf operate-level) (new-level)
(setf (session-operate-level (toplevel-asdf-session)) new-level))
(defun asdf-cache ()
(session-cache *asdf-session*))
(in-package :asdf-test)
(defvar *od* 0)
(defsystem "overlapping-dependency"
:components ((:file "overlapping-dependency"))
;;:perform (load-op (o c) (incf *od*))
;;:perform (load-op (o c) (incf *od*)) ;; Now done in the file.
:components ((:file "overlapping-dependency")))
......@@ -50,6 +50,8 @@
(assert-equal *dd* 0)
(with-asdf-session (:override t)
;; get this (and asdf) out of the way, for simpler traces when tracing what matters.
(load-system "overlapping-dependency")
;; This is what causes an issue without phase escalation:
(test-system "defsystem-dependency"))
(assert-equal *dd* 10)
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