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Added some concept index entries.

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......@@ -814,6 +814,7 @@ the current package @code{my-system-asd} can be specified as
@code{:my-component-type}, or @code{my-component-type}.
@subsection Pathname specifiers
@cindex pathname specifiers
A pathname specifier (@code{pathname-specifier})
may be a pathname, a string or a symbol.
......@@ -893,6 +894,7 @@ be forced upon you if you were specifying a string.
@subsection Warning about logical pathnames
@cindex logical pathnames
We recommend that you no use logical pathnames in your asdf system
definitions, but logical pathnames @emph{are} supported.
......@@ -924,6 +926,7 @@ specific support for defining logical pathname translations.
@subsection Serial dependencies
@cindex serial dependencies
If the @code{:serial t} option is specified for a module,
ASDF will add dependencies for each each child component,
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