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Add FAQ about disabling output translations.

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......@@ -2645,6 +2645,35 @@ in the source directory of some system, and
use @code{asdf:apply-output-translations} to locate a file
whose pathname has been translated by the facility.
@subsection ``How can I wholly disable the compiler output cache?''
To permanently disable the compiler output cache
for all future runs of ASDF, you can:
mkdir -p ~/.config/common-lisp/asdf-output-translations.conf.d/
echo ':disable-cache' > ~/.config/common-lisp/asdf-output-translations.conf.d/99-disable-cache.conf
@end example
This assumes that you didn't otherwise configure the ASDF files
(if you did, edit them again),
and don't somehow override the configuration at runtime
with a shell variable (see below) or some other runtime command
(e.g. some call to @code{asdf:initialize-output-translations}).
To disable the compiler output cache in Lisp processes
run by your current shell, try (assuming @code{bash} or @code{zsh}):
@end example
To disable the compiler output cache just in the current Lisp process,
use (after loading ASDF but before using it):
(asdf:initialize-output-translations "/:")
@end example
@section Issues with using and extending ASDF to define systems
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