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Update for 3.1.5 release.

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Its notable versions include pre-release 2.27 on February 1st 2013,
first release 3.0.0 on May 15th 2013,
major release 3.1.2 on May 6th 2014,
and latest release 3.1.4 on October 10th 2014.
and latest release 3.1.5 on July 21st 2015.
<a id="what_it_is"></a>
<h3>What it is</h3>
<p>ASDF stands for <em>A</em>nother <em>S</em>ystem <em>D</em>efinition <em>F</em>acility,
in the continuity of the Lisp <tt>DEFSYSTEM</tt> of yore.
the successor of the Lisp <tt>DEFSYSTEM</tt> of yore.
<p>ASDF 3 contains two parts: <tt>asdf/defsystem</tt> and <tt>uiop</tt>.
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And you must typically compile and load files that define packages, macros, variables,
before you may compile and load other files that use them.
<p>It is roughly what Common Lisp hackers use to build and load software
<p>ASDF is what Common Lisp hackers use to build and load software,
where C hackers might use GNU <tt>Make</tt> to build software and
<tt></tt> to load it.
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<a id="news"></a>
<h3>What is happening</h3>
<dt>July 2015</dt>
<dd>An extensive bout of bug-fixing, notably on Windows, leads to
release of ASDF 3.1.5 on 21 July 2015. XDG handling has been improved to
be more compliant with the standard. <em>Preliminary</em> support for
immutable systems has been added.</dd>
<dt>May 2015</dt>
<dd>With the LispWorks 7.0 release, all actively maintained CL implementations
are now providind ASDF 3.0 or later, and
are now providing ASDF 3.0 or later, and
support for older variants is now officially dropped.</dd>
<dt>October 2014</dt>
<dd>More bug fixing leads to release of 3.1.4 on 10 October 2014.
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