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Updated the defsystem grammar to try to bring manual in line with 1.630.

parent 9f5b2d5d
......@@ -451,7 +451,7 @@ compiled.
system-definition := ( defsystem system-designator {option}* )
option := :components component-list
| :pathname pathname
| :pathname pathname-specifier
| :default-component-class
| :perform method-form
| :explain method-form
......@@ -463,7 +463,7 @@ option := :components component-list
component-list := ( {component-def}* )
component-def := ( component-type name {option}* )
component-def := ( component-type simple-component-name {option}* )
component-type := :module | :file | :system | other-component-type
......@@ -480,10 +480,43 @@ required-op := operation-name | feature
simple-component-name := string
| symbol
pathname-specifier := pathname | string | symbol
method-form := (operation-name qual lambda-list &rest body)
qual := method qualifier
@end verbatim
@subsection Component names
Component names (@code{simple-component-name}) may be either strings or
symbols. If they are symbols, they will be translated into strings, and
downcased in the process. Slashes (@code{/}) in strings will be treated
as directory separators, so that @code{"foo/bar"} will refer to a file
named ``bar'' in the subdirectory (relative to the parent directory)
@subsection Pathname specifiers
A pathname specifier may be a pathname or a string. Pathnames are
typically specified using reader macros such as @code{#p} or
@code{#.(make-pathname ...)}.
A string will be interpreted as a Unix-style pathname, where @code{/}
characters will be interpreted as directory separators.
A symbol will be translated to a string and downcased, then interpreted
as per strings.
@subsection Warning about logical pathnames
ASDF does not have any way to reliably detect or interpret logical
pathnames in pathname specifier strings, or in component names. If you wish to
specify pathnames as strings, you @emph{must} use the Unix-style syntax.
Note that logical pathnames are available to you through the use of
pathnames proper.
@subsection Serial dependencies
If the @code{:serial t} option is specified for a module, asdf will add
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