Commit c2b2bfc0 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Use .tar.gz not .tgz for released files

That's what we were using before, and what Quicklisp expects.
Quicklisp failed to upgrade from 3.1.6 to 3.1.7 thus far because of it.
parent 6f361be9
......@@ -121,21 +121,21 @@ defsystem-files:
archive: build/asdf.lisp
mkdir -p build/uiop # UIOP tarball
cp -pHux uiop/ uiop/uiop.asd uiop/asdf-driver.asd ${driver_lisp} build/uiop/
tar zcf "build/uiop-${version}.tgz" -C build uiop
tar zcf "build/uiop-${version}.tar.gz" -C build uiop
rm -r build/uiop
mkdir -p build/asdf # asdf-defsystem tarball
cp -pHux build/asdf.lisp asdf.asd version.lisp-expr header.lisp ${defsystem_lisp} build/asdf/
tar zcf "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tgz" -C build asdf
tar zcf "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz" -C build asdf
rm -r build/asdf
git archive --worktree-attributes --format=tar -o "build/asdf-${version}.tar" ${version} #asdf-all tarball
gzip "build/asdf-${version}.tar"
mv "build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.tgz"
mv "build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz"
cp "build/asdf.lisp" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
rsync --times --chmod=a+rX,ug+w "build/uiop-${version}.tgz" "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tgz" \
"build/asdf-${version}.tgz" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
ssh "cd /project/asdf/public_html; ln -sf archives/uiop-${version}.tgz uiop.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tgz asdf-defsystem.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.tgz asdf.tgz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.lisp asdf.lisp"
rsync --times --chmod=a+rX,ug+w "build/uiop-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz" \
"build/asdf-${version}.tar.gz" "build/asdf-${version}.lisp"
ssh "cd /project/asdf/public_html; ln -sf archives/uiop-${version}.tar.gz uiop.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-defsystem-${version}.tar.gz asdf-defsystem.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.tar.gz asdf.tar.gz; ln -sf archives/asdf-${version}.lisp asdf.lisp"
### Count lines separately for asdf-driver and asdf itself:
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