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Updates to the list of people requiring notifications of releases.

parent 45eca947
......@@ -186,9 +186,7 @@
<!-- Note to self:
The maintainers of the following implementations follow asdf-announce:
allegro Gary King <>
clisp (sds)
ecl (juanjo)
The maintainers of the following implementations require direct notification:
abcl ccl cmucl gcl lispworks sbcl mkcl scl xcl
......@@ -197,10 +195,12 @@,,,,, (allegro)
SBCL Devel-list <>,
Jean-Claude Beaudoin <>,
Douglas Crosher <>,
Peter Graves <>
Jean-Claude Beaudoin <>, (MKCL)
Douglas Crosher <>, (Scieneer CL)
Peter Graves <> (XCL).
If there is an old or new implementation that we are missing,
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