Commit cba5261e authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Use make-operation to create operations

Stop using make-instance directly in a few places.
Use our convenience methods in other places.
parent f3ab382b
......@@ -178,7 +178,7 @@ to load it in current image."
"Has the given COMPONENT been successfully loaded in the current image (yet)?
Note that this returns true even if the component is not up to date."
(if-let ((component (find-component component () :registered t)))
(action-already-done-p nil (make-instance 'load-op) component)))
(action-already-done-p nil (make-operation 'load-op) component)))
(defun already-loaded-systems ()
"return a list of the names of the systems that have been successfully loaded so far"
......@@ -156,13 +156,11 @@
(clrhash asdf::*asdf-cache*)
(touch-file (lisppath "file1.lisp") :timestamp base :offset l1)
(touch-file (faslpath "file1.lisp") :timestamp base :offset f1)
(dolist (l (asdf:output-files (make-instance 'asdf:compile-op)
(asdf:find-component :test-stamp-propagation '("file1"))))
(dolist (l (asdf:output-files 'asdf:compile-op '(:test-stamp-propagation "file1")))
(touch-file l :timestamp base :offset f1))
(touch-file (lisppath "file2.lisp") :timestamp base :offset l2)
(touch-file (faslpath "file2.lisp") :timestamp base :offset f2)
(dolist (l (asdf:output-files (make-instance 'asdf:compile-op)
(asdf:find-component :test-stamp-propagation '("file2"))))
(dolist (l (asdf:output-files 'asdf:compile-op '(:test-stamp-propagation "file2")))
(touch-file l :timestamp base :offset f2)))
(defun test-defsystem (&optional (defsystem *default-defsystem*))
......@@ -47,16 +47,16 @@
(defclass my-incoherent-operation (downward-operation non-propagating-operation)
(dolist (class *good-classes*) (assert (make-instance class)))
(dolist (class *good-classes*) (assert (make-operation class)))
(signals operation-definition-warning
(make-instance 'my-unupdated-operation))
(make-operation 'my-unupdated-operation))
(with-expected-failure (#+gcl "GCL has trouble with CLOS?")
(signals operation-definition-error
(make-instance 'my-incoherent-operation)))
(make-operation 'my-incoherent-operation)))
(assert (make-instance 'my-good-operation))
(assert (make-operation 'my-good-operation))
;; This test exercises the backward-compatibility mechanism of operation,
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