Commit ccfa0f68 authored by Francois-Rene Rideau's avatar Francois-Rene Rideau
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Add TODO items. Add version tests.

parent aa1720f4
* have a better defsystem form verifier - see lp#1007335
* have a function verify-strict-asd that can verify a asd is pure lp#541562
Then if it passes, use load-strict-asd.
If not, optionally issue a warning. Start migrating people toward that.
* have with-input-file use the encodings mechanism?
* have a single test .asd that tests as many features as possible, use it for upgrade test.
* implement deferred warnings support on abcl, allegro, clisp, cmucl, lispworks, scl)
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(DBG "Check that there is an ASDF version that correctly parses to a non-empty list")
(assert (consp (parse-version (asdf-version) 'error)))
(DBG "Check that ASDF is newer than 1.234")
(assert-compare (version<= "1.234" (asdf-version)))
(DBG "Check that ASDF is not a compatible replacement for 1.234")
(assert (not (version-compatible-p (asdf-version) "1.234")))
(DBG "Check that asdf.asd is not registered and we're using a fallback system")
(defparameter *asdf* (find-system :asdf))
(assert-equal nil (system-source-directory *asdf*))
(DBG "Check that the fallback system bears the current asdf version")
(assert-equal (asdf-version) (component-version *asdf*))
(def-test-system :versioned-system-1
:pathname #.*test-directory*
:version "1.0")
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