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;;; -*- Lisp -*-
(asdf:defsystem test-missing-lisp-file
:components ((:file "file2" :in-order-to ((compile-op (load-op "fileMissing"))))
(:file "fileMissing")))
;;; -*- Lisp -*-
;;; This is supposed to verify that if a lisp file is lost, then any attempt to
;;; make the system will fail. I.e., we verify that we won't just load a stale
;;; fasl when the source file is lost.
(load "script-support")
(setf asdf:*central-registry* '(*default-pathname-defaults*))
(let ((missing-name (namestring
(make-pathname :name "fileMissing"
:type "lisp"
(template-file (namestring
(make-pathname :name "file1"
:type "lisp"
(format nil "cp ~a ~a" template-file missing-name))
(unless (probe-file missing-name)
(format t "File copy failed.~%"))
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'test-missing-lisp-file)
;; test that it compiled
(let* ((file1 (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "file2"))
(file2 (asdf:compile-file-pathname* "fileMissing"))
(file1-date (file-write-date file1)))
(assert file1-date)
(assert (file-write-date file2))
;; and loaded
(assert (symbol-value (find-symbol (symbol-name :*file1*) :test-package)))
;; now remove the lisp file we created, and wait for an error
(sleep 1) ; mtime has 1-second granularity, so pause here for fast machines
(asdf::run-shell-command (format nil "rm -f ~A" missing-name))
;; we shouldn't be able to find the input-file for the compile-op, and that
;; should be an error.
(multiple-value-bind (retval err)
(asdf:operate 'asdf:load-op 'test-missing-lisp-file))
(assert err)))))
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