Commit d1f7aa37 authored by Daniel Barlow's avatar Daniel Barlow
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add minimal (and probably also insufficient) set of :in-order-to args

to see if the dependency chasing actually works
parent 3708d88d
......@@ -90,7 +90,8 @@
(defsystem db-sockets
:source-pathname #p"cl-library:db-sockets;"
:components ((:file "defpackage"); :depends-on ("rt"))
:components ((:file "defpackage"
:in-order-to ((compile-system (load-system "def-to-lisp"))))
(:file "split" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
(:unix-dso "alien"
:components ((:file "undefs.c")
......@@ -99,9 +100,15 @@
(:file "foreign-glue" :depends-on ("defpackage" "malloc"))
(:constants-file "constants"
:pathname "constants.lisp"
("defpackage" "foreign-glue" "def-to-lisp"))
(:file "sockets" :depends-on ("constants" ))
(load-system "def-to-lisp"
(:file "sockets"
:in-order-to ((compile-system
(load-system "malloc" "split"))))
(:file "sockopt" :depends-on ("sockets"))
(:file "inet" :depends-on ("sockets" "split" "constants" ))
(:file "unix" :depends-on ("sockets" "split" "constants" ))
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