Commit d3768208 authored by Elias Pipping's avatar Elias Pipping
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Do not use %cmd-shell-pathname

With ECL it causes problems. On other platforms it should not be

This gets run-program with ECL on windows far closer to working again
parent e011cf86
......@@ -338,15 +338,6 @@ Programmers are encouraged to define their own methods for this generic function
(subprocess-error-command condition)
(subprocess-error-code condition)))))
;;; find CMD.exe on windows
(defun %cmd-shell-pathname ()
(strcat (native-namestring (getenv-absolute-directory "WINDIR"))
(error "CMD.EXE is not the command shell for this OS."))))
;;; Internal helpers for run-program
(defun %normalize-command (command)
"Given a COMMAND as a list or string, transform it in a format suitable
......@@ -362,7 +353,7 @@ for the implementation's underlying run-program function"
;; r15398 or later in 1.9 or later,
;; so that bug 858 is fixed
#+clozure (cons "cmd" (strcat "/c " command))
#+sbcl (cons (%cmd-shell-pathname) (strcat "/c " command))
#+sbcl (cons "cmd" (strcat "/c " command))
;; NB: On other Windows implementations, this is utterly bogus
;; except in the most trivial cases where no quoting is needed.
;; Use at your own risk.
......@@ -965,7 +956,7 @@ or :error-output."
#+(or allegro clisp ecl)
(strcat (%cmd-shell-pathname) " /c " command)
(strcat "cmd" " /c " command)
#-(or allegro clisp ecl) command)
(t command)))
(list (escape-shell-command
......@@ -973,7 +964,7 @@ or :error-output."
((os-unix-p) (cons "exec" command))
#+(or allegro clisp ecl sbcl)
(list* (%cmd-shell-pathname) "/c" command)
(list* "cmd" "/c" command)
#-(or allegro clisp ecl sbcl) command)
(t command))))))
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