Commit d65a272e authored by Daniel Barlow's avatar Daniel Barlow
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parent 9d9f8a71
......@@ -7,7 +7,7 @@
(defclass constants-file (cl-source-file) ())
(defmethod perform ((op compile-system) (component constants-file))
(defmethod perform ((op compile-op) (component constants-file))
;; we want to generate all our temporary files in the fasl directory
;; because that's where we have write permission. Can't use /tmp;
;; it's insecure (these files will later be owned by root)
......@@ -46,7 +46,7 @@
(logical-pathname (translate-logical-pathname pathname))
(t pathname))))
(defmethod output-files ((operation compile-system) (dso unix-dso))
(defmethod output-files ((operation compile-op) (dso unix-dso))
(let ((dir (component-pathname dso)))
(make-pathname :type "so"
......@@ -54,7 +54,7 @@
:directory (butlast (pathname-directory dir))
:defaults dir))))
(defmethod perform :after ((operation compile-system) (dso unix-dso))
(defmethod perform :after ((operation compile-op) (dso unix-dso))
(let ((dso-name (unix-name (car (output-files operation dso)))))
(unless (zerop
......@@ -66,38 +66,37 @@
(module-components dso)))))
(error 'operation-error :operation operation :component dso))))
(defmethod perform ((operation load-system) (dso unix-dso))
(defmethod perform ((operation load-op) (dso unix-dso))
(let ((dso-name (unix-name (car (output-files
(make-instance 'compile-system) dso)))))
(make-instance 'compile-op) dso)))))
#+sbcl (sb-sys::load-1-foreign dso-name)
#+cmu (system::load-object-file dso-name)))
;;; if this goes into the standard asdf, it could reasonably be extended
;;; to allow cflags to be set somehow
(defmethod output-files ((op compile-system) (c c-source-file))
(defmethod output-files ((op compile-op) (c c-source-file))
(list (let ((*default-pathname-defaults* *component-parent-pathname*))
(make-pathname :type "o" :defaults
(component-pathname c)))))
(defmethod perform ((op compile-system) (c c-source-file))
(defmethod perform ((op compile-op) (c c-source-file))
(= 0 (run-shell-command "/usr/bin/gcc -fPIC -o ~S -c ~S"
(unix-name (car (output-files op c)))
(unix-name (component-pathname c))))
(error 'operation-error :operation op :component c)))
(defmethod perform ((operation load-system) (c c-source-file))
(defmethod perform ((operation load-op) (c c-source-file))
(defmethod perform ((o load-system) (c unix-dso))
(let ((co (make-instance 'compile-system)))
(defmethod perform ((o load-op) (c unix-dso))
(let ((co (make-instance 'compile-op)))
(perform co c)
(let ((filename (car (output-files co c))))
#+cmu (system::load-object-file filename)
#+sbcl (sb-sys::load-1-foreign filename))))
(defsystem db-sockets
:source-pathname #p"cl-library:db-sockets;"
:components ((:file "defpackage" :depends-on ("rt"))
(:file "split" :depends-on ("defpackage"))
(:unix-dso "alien"
......@@ -108,13 +107,13 @@
(:constants-file "constants"
:pathname "constants.lisp"
(load-system "def-to-lisp"
(load-op "def-to-lisp"
(:file "sockets"
:in-order-to ((compile-system
(load-system "constants"))))
:in-order-to ((compile-op
(load-op "constants"))))
(:file "sockopt" :depends-on ("sockets"))
(:file "inet" :depends-on ("sockets" "split" "constants" ))
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